Instructional Model

  • Flexible Grouping

    Grade-level teams are responsible for the learning of all students on their team.  To this end, the team has the freedom to shift and group students throughout the day and semester in a manner to best meet student needs.  Groups may vary in size and arrangement according to factors such as learning style, learning objective mastery level, subject, or interest.

    Groupings graphic  

    MS - Master Teacher
    MT - Mentor Teacher
    ET - EDGE Teacher


    Staff Support

    EDGE Teachers and Staff will get the support they need. The EDGE model is designed with embedded professional development, peer coaching, and on-going support for instructional leaders by FBISD Administration.  Additional administrative support includes district-level Master/Mentor teacher(s) who provide job-embedded support and serve as the liaison between campus teachers and central office. Considerations for special populations such as bilingual, special education, and G/T are embedded in the EDGE model.

    Grouping Graphic