• Scholarship Opportunities

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  • Large Scholarship Opportunites: 

    5 Strong Scholarship Foundation 

    5 Strong partners with Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) to provide promising student leaders with full-tuition scholarships and ongoing mentorship and support from matriculation to graduation.

    College Board Scholarship

    The College Board created a program that guides students through the applying to college process. It doesn’t require an essay, application, or minimum GPA. Instead, it rewards students’ efforts and initiatives. Counselors and advisers can help class of 2020 and class of 2021 students complete key steps along their path to college for a chance to earn scholarships (class of 2022 will be eligible in late 2020). The more effort the student puts in, the more chances they get to earn a scholarship ranging from $500 to $2,000. If the student completes all six steps, they’re eligible to earn a $40,000 scholarship. Scholarships are awarded through monthly drawings.

    The six steps students must complete are:

    Build their college list for a chance to earn $500. Help students get started by exploring colleges they’re interested in.

    Practice for the SAT for a chance to earn $1,000. Have students use Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy to get ready for test day.

    Improve their score for a chance to earn $2,000. Have students show how practice pays off by improving their SAT score.

    Strengthen their college list for a chance to earn $500. Help make sure the students’ college list has a mix of academic safety, fit, and reach schools.

    Complete the FAFSA for a chance to earn $1,000. Help students fill out the FAFSA application to apply for financial aid. Students who are unable to complete the FAFSA will still be able to qualify for this step by answering other questions.

    Apply to colleges for a chance to earn $1,000. Help students apply to the colleges they want to attend.

    Complete their journey for a chance to earn $40,000. Help students complete all six scholarship steps to be eligible for a $40,000 scholarship.


    Jack Kent Scholarship

    To qualify, students must meet the following criteria:
    Minimum GPA – cumulative unweighted GPA of 3.5 or above
    Grade – Seniors planning to graduate from a US high school
    Financial need – Pell Grant eligibility criteria (will consider applicants with family income up to $95,000)
    SAT and/or ACT – All applicants are required to take an SAT and/or ACT and receive an SAT Total Score of a 1200 or above OR an ACT Composite Score of 26 or above. (Jack Kent Cooke Foundation, 2013)

    Coca-Cola Scholarship

    Over 1,400 outstanding college students are supported annually by the Coca Cola Scholars Foundation, with scholarships totaling $3.4 million. The program supports students who excel academically and are actively involved in their schools. To qualify, students must meet the following criteria:

    Residency status – US citizens, US foreign nationals, US permanent residents, refugees, asylees, Cuban-Haitian entrants, or humanitarian parolees are eligible

    Educational goals – students must plan to pursue a degree at an accredited US postsecondary institution

    Attributes – students are recognized for their capacity to lead and serve, as well as their commitment to making a significant impact on their schools and communities


    Horatio Alger Scholarship 

    these need-based college scholarships help deserving students overcome adversity and pursue their dreams through higher education. The association has awarded over $125 million to approximately 20,000 students. The association offers a number of scholarships:
    • National Scholarships
    • Targeted Scholarships
    • Career and Technical Scholarships
    • State Scholarships
    To qualify for these scholarships, students must meet the following criteria:
    Activities – be involved in cocurricular and community service activities
    Minimum GPA – maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0
    Citizenship – be a US citizen
    Financial need – demonstrate critical financial need (adjusted gross family income must be $55,000 or below)

    Dell Scholar Program 

    The Dell Scholars Program awards 300 scholarships annually and has provided students with over $60 million in college scholarships and support services. The program focuses on low-income, highly motivated students who demonstrate a desire and ability to overcome barriers and achieve their goals.

    To qualify, students must meet the following criteria:

    Minimum GPA – maintain a minimum of 2.4 GPA

    College readiness – participate in a Michael & Susan Dell Foundation approved college readiness program in 11th and 12th grades

    Financial need – be eligible to receive a federal Pell grant in the first year of college

    Educational goals – plan to enroll full-time in a bachelor’s degree program at an accredited postsecondary institution in the fall directly after graduation from high school


    Hispanic Scholarship

    FundHSF seeks to equip Hispanic families with the knowledge and resources to successfully complete a higher education while providing scholarships and support services to as many outstanding Hispanic American students as possible. HSF has awarded more than $500 million in scholarships and provides a range of impactful programs for students, HSF scholars, alumni, and parents.

    To qualify, students must meet the following criteria:

    Ethnicity – at least one-quarter Hispanic/Latino

    Financial need – financial information is not considered during selection. The amount awarded to each scholarship recipient varies according to relative need.

    Minimum GPA – high school students must have a minimum cumulative 3.00 GPA, based on a 4.00 scale.

    Citizenship – applicants must be US citizens, permanent residents, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) recipients, or eligible noncitizens (as defined by Federal Student Aid).

    Timeline – high school seniors can begin to apply for HSF scholarships beginning January 1 of every year.


    United Negro College Fund

    UNCF has helped over 430,000 students graduate from college. As the nation’s largest private scholarship provider to minority-group members, UNCF distributes over $100 million in scholarships to more than 10,000 students each year. UNCF also manages a variety of scholarship programs, including the Gates Millennium Scholars Program, the Walton-UNCF K–12 Education Fellowship, and the UNCF/Koch Scholars Program.

    Although each scholarship has its own set of standards, students must typically meet the following criteria:

    Minimum GPA – cumulative (unweighted) GPA of 2.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale (varies based on the scholarship)

    Institutions – must enroll and remain enrolled at a four-year historically black college or university Citizenship and ethnicity – must meet the ethnicity and residency status requirements (varies based on specific UNCF scholarship)

    Financial need – must demonstrate financial need