• Hello! I am Dayna Michels and I teach all levels of French at Dulles High School. This is my 9th year at Dulles and my 19th year in education. Many of my students want to know if I am French. The answer is no. I learned French just like the majority of my students, in a classroom. I loved studying French in college and decided to major in it. Then I went on to get a Master of Arts degree in French literature, during which time I studied in France for a year. I love the work I do here at Dulles and look forward to many more years..



    1st Period- French 1

    2nd Period- French 1

    3rd Period- French 1

    4th Period- French 2

    5th Period- French 3/PAP/AP French 4

    6th Period- French 2

    7th Period- Conference

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    Phone extension-25411