• Club Objectives:

      • Foster a supportive and inclusive community for students interested in creative writing.
      • Encourage and inspire members to explore and develop their writing skills in various genres, such as fiction, poetry, drama, and creative non-fiction.
      • Provide a platform for members to share their written work and receive constructive feedback from peers and mentors.
      • Organize regular writing workshops and exercises to enhance creativity, imagination, and storytelling abilities.
      • Examine published authors and writers, to discover insights into the writing process and career opportunities in the field.
      • Collaborate on group writing projects and initiatives, such as anthologies or creative publications.
      • Organize and participate in writing competitions and literary events both within the school and in the broader community.
      • Explore different writing techniques, styles, and literary elements through discussions and analysis of published works.
      • Engage in discussions on contemporary issues and topics through creative writing, encouraging critical thinking and social awareness.
      • Promote the joy of writing and reading among students, fostering a lifelong appreciation for literature and artistic expression.


    • C104
    • Bi-Monthly
  • Sponsor

    • Esther Psomiadis, C104
    • esther.psomiadis@fortbendisd.com

    Student Officers, 2023-24 

    • President Juliana H
    • Vice-President Elliot T

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      • text @dhswriting  (... include the @ sign...)
      • to (the short phone number) 81010
    • Instagram: DHS_CreativeWrite
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