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  • The Chinese National Honor Society Induction will be held in April.  Stay tuned for exact date, time and location.
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National Chinese Honor Society

  • Purpose:
    The National Chinese Honor Society acknowledges the high academic achievement of students studying Chinese as a second language, recognizes students’ leadership and character, promotes the Chinese class and culture, and spreads enthusiasm for Chinese language and culture.

    Major Events & Activities:
    -Celebrating Major Chinese Holidays
    -Participating in the Dragon Boat Competition
    -Volunteering for the community

    8/28/2023 Interest Meeting after school
    9/08/2023 First Meeting and Induction for Last Year
    10/06/2023 Second Meeting
    TBD            Third Meeting 

    -Associate members may join with approval of sponsor and must express interest in Chinese language & culture
    -Full members must have taken a minimum of two semesters of Chinese class at DHS
    -Full members must be currently enrolled in Chinese class at DHS
    -Maintain an overall B average or better in Chinese and other academic subjects
    -Display character, leadership, and service
    -Have a positive attitude toward learning Chinese
    -Have respect for teachers and students

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