Student Wellness Coalition logo  Who are we? 

     We are a group of committed students looking prevent the spread of mental health illnesses as well  as substance abuse through advocacy of overall wellness. We hope to act as a grassroots organization and impact the policies and stigma regarding mental  health and substance abuse in today’s society.






    Vision Statement: We envision a world in which all students value and are aware of their mental wellbeing by leading balanced lifestyles that enable them to fit the attributes of FBISD’s Profile of a graduate.

    Mission Statement: Utilize the Whole School, Whole Child, Whole Community (WSCC) model to ensure balance in every part of student wellbeing and to advocate about the impact of overall wellness on mental health and on the prevention of common mental disorders.                                                      


     - To eliminate the stigma surrounding depression and anxiety.

     - To encourage students to lead healthy, balanced lifestyles that promote good mental health.

     - To educate students about the importance of good mental health.

     - To highlight the prevalence of mental health challenges and disorders.

     - To educate students on the importance of physical wellbeing and nutritional balance.

     - To help further prevent students from developing mental health issues. 

     - To raise awareness surrounding risk factors that ultimately degrade one’s mental health.

     - To emphasize how an overall healthy lifestyle as a young adult contributes to good mental health and decreases the likelihood of mental health issues in the future.

     - To create an environment for students to comfortably express their mental states.

     - To inform students of resources and support regarding mental health challenges.

     - To improve student self-image and confidence.

     - To raise awareness around mental health’s direct relationship with substance abuse.

     - To promote healthy methods of stress relief.

     - To make students more prepared when mental obstacles arise in life.


    2020-2021 Officers

    Co-Presidents: Marta Moore and Brandon Chau

    Vice President: Ethan Nguyen

    Secretary: Omar Khan

    Treasurer: Caitlin Alderete


    Mental Health Subcommittee Chair: TBD

    Substance Abuse Prevention Subcommittee Chair: TBD

    Physical Wellness Subcommittee Chair: TBD

    Nutritional Wellness Subcommittee Chair: TBD

    Parent and Community Involvement Subcommittee Chair: TBD