• Welcome to the 2nd year of

    Badminton Club at DHS!


    Interested in joining? 


    Come by B115 or find an officer for more information!



    President: Ria Patel

    Vice President: Sai Manikonda 

    Secretary: Cerina Ou

    Historian: Annabelle Cheong



    1. To offer members the ability to develop a passion for badminton.
    2. To provide members wide range of social benefits who also share the passion for badminton.
    3. To assist in the improvement of students’ badminton skills.
    4. To ensure members receive an hour of moderate to heavy physical activity every other week.
    5. To alleviate the stress faced by members caused by different aspects of life.


    Code of Conduct:

    1. Do not judge others, especially based on their badminton skill.
    2. Treat other members fairly with respect and care.
    3. Be actively involved in club meetings
    4. Socialize and play badminton with others in a friendly environment without discrimination and harassment (verbal, mental, and physical)
    5. Report any form of harassment to club sponsor and/or officers (preferably both)
    6. Pay all fees in relation to events that members have committed to, regardless of whether they are present or not at the event.
    7. All officers must help each other with their duties, regardless of their position.
    8. Members WILL NOT steal or damage the club and other members’ equipment


    Breaches of the Code of Conduct:

    1. Any member not behaving in accordance with the terms of the Code of Conduct may be asked to leave the club and will not be entitled to a refund of any money paid.
    2. The inappropriate behavior of any members will be investigated, discussed and an appropriate course of action will be taken by the Officers, which may include a reprimand, suspension or revocation of membership.
    3. Officers not upholding their duties will be asked to leave their position and will be replaced with someone else under sponsor and remaining officers’ approval.
    4. Members who damage or steal equipment belonging to the club or other members will be suspended from the club. 



    To gain membership, students must uphold to the Code of Conduct, fill in the Membership Forms, and pay dues.



    Cash or check made out to DHS Activity Fund
    Dues will cover the cost of your T-shirt, equipment, & fees



    We will meet at least once a month to play at Houston Badminton Center.


  • Announcements & Deadlines!


    Dues & Forms: October 10th

    T-Shirt Designs: October 5th

    First Official Meeting: October 5th

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  • Coach/Sponsor Contact:

    Kristin Mathew

    Best way to contact:



    Remind Codes:


    Text #: 81010

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