• SAT and ACT testing plans for test day:

    Students need to arrive at Dulles HS no later than 7:15 AM to begin the steps for test day check in.  Please make sure you have all items needed for testing and please be patient with the check in process.

    1. As you arrive at 550 Dulles Avenue and enter the campus at Viking Lane, you can choose student parking or student drop-off:
      1. Student parking is where students who drive will park
      2. Student drop off is where parents will drop students and wait for them to be cleared at the Covid-19 Screening station.

    If any student does not meet the standards for the Covid-19 Screening, they will be asked to leave the testing site.  Details about the College Board Covid-19 Screening process can go to https://pages.collegeboard.org/sat-covid-19-updates


    1. Before you get in the Covid-19 health screening line, make sure you have the following items:
    1. Local schools and test centers make individual decisions about whether to administer the SAT. All weekend test centers must adhere to local public health guidelines and follow College Board requirements:
    • All students and staff to wear a mask or protective face covering during an SAT administration
    • Students must confirm a series of statements prior to entering the test center or testing room
    • Students who violate requirements put in place by their test center or College Board should be dismissed from the test center; if this happens their scores will be canceled and they will not receive a refund.