• All Day Absences

    When a student misses one or more days of school due to illness or other reasons, he/she will bring an excuse note to the Attendance Office upon their return to school. Please provide a specific reason for absences. Personal or family emergency is not an excused absence and will be marked unexcused.


    1.         An absence is excused only if a note is received in the Attendance Office within five (5) days of the student’s return to school.  If a student is absent for more than three consecutive days, a doctor's note must be submitted to excuse the additional days.

    2.         If a note is not received within five (5) days, the absence will be coded Unexcused.  A discipline consequence may be assessed, which could include truancy charges.

    3.         If a student misses half of a class, they are considered absent for that class. 

    4.         A student who has had surgery or been hospitalized should provide a physician signed release to return to school.  The form should contain any restrictions or limitation regarding the student’s physical functioning capacity while in attendance at school.

    5.        Please make sure you have the student's full name and their student ID# on the absence/tardy note.  
    6.        No student pick up after 2:30PM
    7.        Parents must always show proof of ID when picking up a student, no exceptions


    Arriving Late to School

    1.      Students arriving at school between 7:30 and 7:40 should go directly to first period classes.  They will be marked tardy by their first period teachers.

    2.      Students arriving at school after 7:40 should report to the Attendance Office for a tardy pass.   Students who arrive after 7:50 have missed half of 1st period and are marked absent for period 1. 

    3.      Students will not be allowed to repeatedly interrupt 1st period class due to their late arrival to school.  A student who is repeatedly tardy to period 1 may be subject to truancy consequences.


    Leaving School Early

    Students may leave school early for the following reasons:

    ·         Dental or doctor’s appointment

    ·         A reason excused by any of the principals


    Students must adhere to the following procedures when leaving early:

    ·         The student must present his/her note to the Attendance Office prior to first period.  Any student leaving school for any reason must check out at the attendance office or through the clinic, if ill.  Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.


    Anticipated Absences

    When you know in advance that you will need to be absent, it is to your educational advantage to talk to your teachers and arrange to get your assignments ahead of time.  Notes for preplanned absences should be sent to the Assistant Principal at least three school days before the absences occur to determine if the absences will be excused. 

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