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Device Distribution

Dulles High School Laptop Distribution


Dulles High School will continue laptop distribution for Dulles High School students.

If a student received a laptop/device last spring, they may continue to use that device.

  • There will not be a charge for laptops.
  • Parents must complete the Skyward form (“Lending Library Technology Use Form” and the “Lending Library Parent Agreement Form) Form” electing to use one of the Lending Library Device (LLD) from the campus for each Dulles High School student.
  • Laptops will only be issued for Dulles High School students.

   Who can pick up a device:

- Skyward verified guardian with Photo ID

- Skyward verified Emergency Contact with Photo ID

- Student with a current photo ID (Current School ID is acceptable)


FBISD Campuses are no longer Issuing Lending Learning Devices to students that have elected to attend face-to-face. 

*Procedures for Device Pickup:

  1. Complete the online form to request a device
  2. You will be contact ed via email to schedule a pickup time.
  3. Devices will be picked up at the front entrance.

Fill out the Device Pick Up form Here