Letter of Recommendation Instructions

    Not every school requires letters of recommendation by a teacher or counselor. Research the school you are applying to before you request a letter. If you know you need a letter/ form, you should speak with or email your counselor/ and or teacher at least three weeks before the deadline. (business days) It is best to communicate this information before senior year as counselors and teachers are incredible busy when the school year begins.

    When you request a letter of recommendation, it is MANDATORY that you provide the following information:

    • A resume that includes course work, GPA/ rank, community and extracurricular involvement.
    • Submission deadlines for EACH institution you are applying to
    • All schools you are applying to (If this changes, and you choose to add a school or not apply to a school, contact the teacher and/ or counselor immediately)
    • The type of submission your letter requires (Which schools require this sent electronically? Which schools are you using the common application with? Which schools require the teacher/ counselor to mail the letter?)

    Students using Apply Texas: (State Schools)

     If a state school requires/ allows  a letter of recommendation, this should be done by your teacher, and it will be mailed or sent electronically. If the school you are applying to does not accept electronic communication indicated by a stamp symbol, you will provide a stamp and envelope to your teacher.

    Students using the Common Application 

    If you are using the Common Application, you will ask 1-3 teacher and 1 counselor to write and upload a letter of recommendation and complete the Common App form.  It is your responsibility to communicate with your teachers and counselors that you are using the common app and need a letter of rec and a common app form to be completed. Do not just expect them to know this as they may be unfamiliar with the Common App.


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