About Run Thru Cru

  • Run Thru Cru is a Clements High School spirit group organized to create, paint and display signs mainly for football but other sports as well like volleyball and basketball. The group consists of approximately thirty students divided into two groups: Paint and Field Cru. Some students participate in both paint and field activities.

    Tunnel before blow-up  

    The most visible and physically impressive signs are the football pep signs that the football team runs through when entering the playing field. Thus the name “Run Thru Cru” These signs are twenty feet high and thirty feet across. The Paint Cru paints the sign and the Field Cru holds the sign up on the field.

    The large Runs Thru signs are made with seven, three foot wide, thirty four foot long strips of paper held together with masking tape. The large blank sheet is then folded along specific lines to crate a large grid pattern. A small cartoon relating to the opposing team is created and colored by students. Grid lines are drawn on the small cartoon in the same manner the large paper was folded. The small cartoon drawing is transferred to the large paper via the grid method.

    The Paint Cru using the small colored cartoon drawing as a guide, paints the sign with a variety of tempera paints. The entire 20’ by 30’ area is painted with strong, bright colors. A two foot section is left unpainted at each end. This section is used to wrap around the support poles. After the paint has dried the entire picture is outlined in black India ink.

    We have two custom made poles to support the sign. There is a heavy rope running from pole to pole at the top. The sign is heavily duct-taped to each pole. The top is folded over and taped along the rope spanning the top of the poles. A large X of duct tape is run on the back of the sign from upper corner to the lower opposite corner for additional support.

    At the game the Field Cru attach two long support ropes from metal loops at the top of each pole and two more ropes attached with specially made clamps attached to the middle of the poles for additional support.

    The entire process of taping, painting, and attaching the poles takes eight to ten hours spread over three or four days. And then, after all this work, it’s destroyed in about five seconds! However, Clements High School has a reputation for these AMAZING run throughs. Many have tried, but no one has succeeded in even coming close to the quality and quantity of Run Thru Cru signs!!

Contact Us

  • We meet every day after school in the Commons from 2:45 - 4:00 p.m. to draw and paint the sign. We tape the sign to the two long poles on the day before the football game or sometimes on the day of the game.
    Contact Mr. Usanga for any additional information at eno.usanga@fortbendisd.com .

Club Announcements

  • All district games are played at Mercer Stadium with the last two at Hall Stadium (Hightower High School). Please be at all games no later than 30 minutes before game begins to help set-up.

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