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    Purchasing a Clements HS student parking permit:

    Student parking for the 2024-2025 school year will be one general area:

    • Parking area for purchase by SENIORS only ($40)
    • There will only be 400 spots initially. More spots may become available after school starts. 
    • The cutoff for the first 400 SENIOR only purchases will be July 9th. In July, the Administration will reassess the availability for Junior purchases. 
    • Parking permits and spots will be first come, first served.
    • If a junior purchases a pass with false grade level information, they will forfeit their parking privileges and payment. 

     Individual reserved parking spaces are no longer available.

    How to purchase a parking permit:
    1. Click the “Parking Application” link on the left side of this page.
    2. Read all instructions and complete the e-form.
    3. All parking permits must be purchased online through REVTRAK. Your parking application will not be complete until you have paid the parking permit fee. 

    Parking Frequently Asked Questions:

    When will parking go on sale for the 2024-2025 school year?

    CHS Student Parking for the 2024-2025 will go on sale on 5/15/24. 

    What if I get a new car?

    Make sure you get your sticker off of your old car and bring it to Ms. Hays. There is a $5 replacement fee IF you have your old sticker(payable in cash only to Ms. Hays). If you fail to bring in your old sticker, the fee to replace your parking sticker is $40.

    How will I know when parking goes on sale?

    Notification will be sent out through the school website.

    What if parking sells out?

    When parking sells out, a waiting list will be available with Ms. Hays in the attendance office.

    When will I pick up my parking permit?

    Once you have completed the online form below, pick-up will be on 8/1 and 8/2 in the attendance office from 7 AM - 3 PM. Failure to do so may forfeit your parking permit.

    You will need to bring the following to Clements to obtain your permit:
       1. Student's valid Texas driver's license
       2. Current insurance listing either the student or the student's vehicle as insured
       3. Printed receipt - a screen print of the receipt will suffice
       4. Skyward evidence to show you are a senior for school year 24-25.

    Does a modified schedule, permissive transfer, involvement in certain clubs, or being an athlete guarantee me a parking pass?

    No. You must successfully secure a parking pass when they go on sale in order to drive to school regardless of circumstances.


    Parking Rules Page 24-25 UPDATE

    Clements High School
    Parking Rules and Regulations

    All student vehicles parked on school property are required to have a current CHS parking permit attached to the windshield on the passenger side. Vehicles in violation are subject to being booted, ticketed, or towed. The cost for a parking permit is $40.00. Students must have a valid Texas Driver's License and be listed as a driver on the proof of insurance in order to purchase a permit

    Violations of the following parking rules will subject you to disciplinary action, parking citations, and/or loss of your parking permit for the current school year and the following next year.

    1. Permit must be clearly visible and permanently attached to the bottom right (passenger) side of the front windshield.
    2. Students may not obtain a permit for another student.
    3. Parking permits are not transferable. No sharing of permit is allowed.
    4. Parking is only permitted in the area designated by the permit.
    5. If the registered vehicle is involved in an accident, stolen, or sold, a replacement permit must be purchased, and a new application must be filled out. If the old permit is returned in identifiable condition, the replacement cost is $5.00. If the old permit is not returned or is unidentifiable, the replacement cost is $40.00.
    6. If for any reason you drive a vehicle other than the one registered, you must inform Mrs. Hays or Mr. Sweeney in the attendance office of the change upon your arrival to school to receive a temporary permit.
    7. Students must get out of their vehicle and leave the parking lot immediately upon arrival to school. Loitering in or around any vehicle is not permitted.
    8. Drivers may not allow anyone to sit on or hold onto their vehicle while it is in motion.
    9. The parking lot speed limit is 15 mph. Students must obey all traffic signs and directions from the parking attendant and FBISD Police.
    10. Students may not leave campus during the normal school day without permission from the proper authority (assistant principal, school nurse, or attendance office). This rule applies to passengers as well as drivers.
    11. If your driving behaviors cause a discipline problem, you will automatically forfeit the privilege to drive your vehicle to school.
    12. Violations of parking rules will result in a $40 school citation. If this fine is not paid, the student will lose all parking privileges and be placed on the NOT CLEAR list. Unpaid fines may also result in the car being booted and a $100 fee charged to remove the boot, or the vehicle being towed at the owner’s expense.
    13. If any school or law enforcement official has reason to believe that a vehicle may contain any element of criminal activity, the student will be asked to consent to a search of the vehicle. Failure to comply will result in immediate suspension of the student’s parking privileges.
    14. No refunds will be issued if a permit is taken away for any reason.