• Rangers,

    Spring semester exams are right around the corner, so we are beginning to plan for semester exam exemptions!  For the first time, students will be required to complete a custom form in Skyward in order to request .  The following exemption information is viewable through your student’s Skyward account: 

    • Discipline:  Any student who was placed at DAEP during the 2023-2024 school year is not eligible for exemptions and will have a “denied” listed in this field.
    • Fine/Fees:  We will continue to update this field throughout the window.  Just because your student does not have a fine listed now, does not mean they are completely cleared for exemption purposes.  I encourage them to check this periodically to see if a fine/fee has been added to their Skyward.  Additionally, once students clear their fees and fines, this field will be updated.
    • EOC exams:  This is contingent on when we receive the results for the Spring EOC exams.  We hope to receive scores prior to May 18th.  Once we receive scores, we will place a “denied” in the field in the event a student was not successful on one or more of their EOC exams. Students who fail an EOC exam cannot exempt the course for the exam they failed. Other courses can still be exempt. 

    A few reminders:

    • Students must attend class during exam exemptions to receive exemptions.
    • Any student (exempt and non exempt) who is not in attendance during their exam, will receive a zero for their final exam.  There will be an opportunity to make up the exam during the month of June.  Date is TBD. 

    If you have any questions, please contact me at tara.baker@fortbendisd.com.

    Thank you,

    Tara Baker