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    Fort Bend ISD Integrity Pledge

    The Vision of FBISD is to graduate students who exhibit attributes of the “Profile of a Graduate.” The Profile states that “A Fort Bend ISD Graduate: has a rigorous academic foundation, strong character, is equipped with skills for life, is a servant leader, is an effective communicator, is a critical thinker, a compassionate citizen, a collaborative team member, and a life-long learner.”

    I,                                                                                                                                                    as a Fort Bend ISD student, pledge to exhibit the traits in “A Profile of a Graduate” by demonstrating academic integrity and avoiding academic dishonesty.


     Academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to:


    • Cheating or copying the work of another
    • Plagiarism by incorporating significant portions of someone else’s work without appropriate citation.
    • Unauthorized access (providing or possessing) to written or electronic information.
    • Unauthorized collaboration with another person in preparing an assignment or during an examination.

    The determination that a student has engaged in academic dishonesty shall be based on the judgement of the classroom teacher or another supervising professional employee. Written materials, observations, information from students, or other evidence will be considered when reviewing allegations of academic dishonesty. Appeals on the judgement will be brought to a campus committee (T.E.C. Chapter 37) designated by the campus principal.


     Student Signature:                                                                         Date:                                          


    My signature acknowledges that I have read and discussed this Integrity Pledge document with my teacher.  In accordance with this pledge, the Student Code of Conduct, and the Student-Parent Handbook, I understand that instances of academic dishonesty will be subject to grading and disciplinary consequences. Such consequences can adversely affect grade point averages, include disqualification from participation in academic awards/programs, and result in being removed from honor societies. Instances of academic dishonesty will have an impact on academic awards/programs eligibility for the current and following school years.

    Revised October 2018