Teacher Schedule

  • Period 1:  Online Learning
    Period 2:  Online Learning
    Period 3:  Online Learning
    Period 4:  Online Learning
    Period 5:  Online Learning
    Period 6:  Conference
    Period 7:  Men's Soccer


    Edgenuity exams must be proctored during after-school office hours via TEAMS. These hours will be held Monday-Thursday from 4pm-6pm. Please notify me beforehand if you plan on taking your exam.


    Before taking your exam, you must sign the Integrity Acknowledgement Form. This form can be found in the exam folder on Schoology, or you can follow this link:



    On the day of your exam:
    Make sure that your laptop has camera and audio. The proctor needs to see and hear you for the duration of the exam. You will need to pick a spot at home where you are the only one in the room. You will be asked to present a 360 view of the room before the test is unlocked.


    TEAMS Exam Meeting Link: