Game-Time Behavior

  • 1. Members may go back to the stands to watch the game, but must return to the field by the 10-minute mark on the game clock during half time, in order to prepare the Run Thru sign for the field.

    2. If students choose to stay on the field for the game (and the sponsor will instruct you whether or not you are allowed to stay),

          a. They must stay in the designated area and maintain appropriate behavior.

          b. Respect must be upheld for all participants on the field (NO Exceptions).

    3. Again, stand in correctly spaced formation to cheer and welcome football players back onto the field.

    4.  After the half time is over, give 100% effort to breaking down the sign and cleaning up all of the debris before returning to the stands.

    5.  Help remove/take down signs, banners, etc during the last 3 minutes of the game.

    6.  Field Cru must load the big flag and the two poles for the banner back onto the Stars dancers bus and return to school to unload both back inside the school building by the custodial office hallway.