Senior Checklist

  • Hello Citizens of McMennamyLand from the Class of 2021!

    If you require a college application teacher recommendation and believe that I am a teacher who is uniquely able to discuss you and your work and learning journey well, then please proceed through the following required steps.

    1. FOUR or more weeks prior to your application deadline, email me directly ( and/or come speak with me directly to request the recommendation.  
    2. Your email should include the following (you will send me a follow up email even if you come speak with me directly): a warm greeting, a reminder about some part of our class that helps me know why you think your work in the class would be valuable anecdotal information for colleges to hear about from me, your attached resume. (NOTE: I don't want paper versions of these or a folder.)
    3. Complete my senior recommendation survey (only after I have agreed either via email or in person to complete a recommendation for you) that is embedded on this page.

    Unless a teacher recommendation is required for the school, please do not request one from me.  The only exceptions to this are recommendations for A&M (my alma mater) or if I am already writing a rec for another school that requires them.

    Remember to be clear with all teachers from whom you request a recommendation.  If a school only allows 1 or 2 recommendations, then the first one or two teachers who submit them will be those that the school sees.  You will be noting in my survey document to which schools I should and should not submit recommendations.  Other teachers need this information as well.

    Good luck, Class of 2021!

    May the odds be ever in your favor as Wonderful Citizens of McMennamyLand!

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Senior Survey for Recommendations