• Teachers and staff, please click the following link to make library & technology reservations: 


    Library & Technology Reservation Link


    Library Policies and Procedures


    Library Printer:

    • Do not ask students to print pictures, worksheets, test reviews, PowerPoints, or notes.  They will not be allowed to do so.
    • Have students submit these types of items via Schoology instead.
      • If you need help with setting up submission via Schoology, please reach out to the librarian or Rebecca Harding.


    To reserve the library’s computers or any of the technology carts:

    Please go through our digital reservation system on the library’s calendar page.  http://www.fortbendisd.com/Page/14498 If you need assistance with this system, please contact the librarian.


    • Always go through and adhere to the checklist on the top of the carts.
      • Make sure to plug in laptops/iPads before returning
        • Failure to plug in devices in the carts results in dead technology when the next teacher picks up the cart. Please be courteous to your co-workers.
      • Always return carts promptly after school or early before school.
        • Delays in returning carts result in delays picking up carts for other teachers.  Please be courteous to your co-workers.
        • Return carts to the AV room door. Ring the doorbell once. There is no need to wait for us to answer the door. 
        • If you choose to send students, please make them aware of the procedures to avoid confusion and possible damage to carts.


    Poster Printing


    We print posters on Tuesdays.  Posters can be either medium (18.5” x 24”) or large (24” x 31”)


    If you would like a poster printed:



    Posters must have a white background.  The poster example on the left is fine.  The poster example on the right uses too much ink.

    Please be mindful of what you choose to print.  We do not print student work or “fat heads”.

    Poster Examples


    Sending students to the library:

    • Always send students with a pass (it could be a hall pass, library pass, or sticky note)
      • We do not have required pre-made library passes.
    • Do not send more than 2 students to the library at a time unless prior arrangements have been made.
    • Only send students who have something they need to do in the library.
      • Do not send students to just sit in the library.
        • If a student needs to be out of your class because they missed a test which you are reviewing, please make arrangements with another teacher.
      • Students with an off period cannot come to the library and must go to the Commons instead should they choose to remain on campus.


    Student Passwords:

    • Do not send students to the library to get their password.
    • To get initial information for new kiddos is for you to do the following:
      • Go to my.fortbendisd.com
      • Login
      • Click on the tab labeled “Manage Your Student’s Profile”
      • Search for your student’s name
    • Their ID # and email address will show up if they are in the system.
      • Click on the box next to their Username/ID #
      • Click the “Change Password” button
      • Make sure the box “User Must Change Password at Next Login” is checked
      • Give them the password of 12345678
      • Click “Save”

     *Students must go to my.fortbendisd.com to fill out their security questions or they will still be locked out of Schoology and Skyward.

    Posting Announcements on the Website:

    • Please email me the exact text you would like posted.
    • Flyers must be able to be read by a screen reader to meet ADA requirements.
      • To check if this is possible, try highlighting the text.  If you cannot, then the flyer cannot be added to the website.
    • Include the date that your post may be removed.


    Posting Announcements on the TV in the Commons:

    • Please email me a horizontal PDF of your announcement.
    • The easiest way to create an announcement graphic for the TV is to use PowerPoint.  Design a slide the way you want it to be, then save that one slide as a PDF.
    • Include the date that your post may be removed.
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