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    new  Vision

         In today’s global community, competence in more than one language is an essential part of communication and cultural understanding. The study of another language not only provides individuals with the ability to express thoughts and ideas for their own purposes, but also gives them access to perspectives and knowledge that are only available through the language and culture.

    new  Mission

         It is our goal as we facilitate our students' language acquistion process, that we also help them to become competent global citizens by applying that knowledge and skills beyond the classroom. In order to best facilitate the study of language and culture, the course should be taught primarily in the target language or at least 90+%.

         All FBISD World Language programs integrate the five Goal Areas of the World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages:

    • Communication
    • Cultures
    • Connections
    • Comparisons
    • Communities

         The World Readiness Standards create a roadmap to guide learners to develop competence in the language of their choice to communicate effectively and interact with cultural understanding (ACTFL).