• Message from RPHS Principal:


    Dear Parents and Members of the Class of 2025:


    Save The Date: August 3rd, 2021 Ridge Point High School is hosting PANTHER PREMIERE, which is a freshman transition experience. With the support of our very own student mentors, we are offering this opportunity for all incoming freshmen. We believe that after attending Panther Premiere, our freshmen will have a solid foundation for success at RPHS.

    Research indicates that participants in these types of programs have earned higher grade point averages, have been more likely to be involved in extracurricular activities, and have had fewer disciplinary situations than those who have not participated. There is no doubt that the experience will be informative and fun. I strongly urge all incoming freshmen to attend our 2021 Panther Premiere.


    Your Proud Ridge Point High School Principal,


    Leonard Brogan



    What is Panther Premiere?

    Panther Premiere is the first step in your successful orientation to Ridge Point High School. It is a one-day, action packed, fun-filled event for incoming ninth graders that is led by RPHS students and advisors.


    What will be accomplished?


    • You will take your school ID photo that will be used throughout the school year.
    • You will receive your schedule and locate areas of the building where your classrooms will be.
    • As an incoming Freshmen, you meet a peer mentor!
    • You will learn how to navigate the building; cafeteria, etc…..(Think “scavenger hunt”) as you will learn about important issues, keys to “survival” from upper class students.
    • Students will meet and hear from administrators and counselors.
    • You will be apprised of the various clubs and organizations available at RPHS.
    • Our incoming Freshmen will learn the alma mater, fight song, and other school traditions and  THE RIDGE POINT WAY.
    • You will recognize that at RPHS: “Success is the ONLY option for OUR freshmen”
    • You will make new friends, enjoy your very first Pep rally and have tons of fun.


    When and where is Panther Premiere?


    Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021   

    • 8am-11am (Last Name A-LE)
    • 1pm-4pm (Last Name LI-Z)


    (Check-in begins at 7:30 am for the morning session and at 12:30 pm for the afternoon session)


    There will not be any food or snacks served at the event so please make sure that you plan accordingly as we recommend that your child eats prior to the morning or afternoon session.


    **Fall sports or performing arts participants will be excused from practice/rehearsals in order to attend Panther Premiere**

  • Registration Information:


    Use the link below to register your child.

    There is a $20 fee for the event and the students will receive a class of 2025 T-Shirt.

  • Pay Registration HERE!