Teacher Information

Mrs. Stacy George

Phone: 281-634-8147


Degrees and Certifications:

Master's in Professional Writing and Technical Communication Bachelor's in Professional Writing and Technical Communication

Mrs. Stacy George

Welcome to English II PreAP! This is my fourteenth year teaching English, and all of those years have included English II PreAP. I have a Master's degree and a Bachelor's degree, both in Professional Writing and Technical Communication, from the University of Houston-Downtown. 

I love everything about language! From the subtleties of syntax to the strategic composition of phrases, my focus is for students to see rhetoric all around them ("everything's an argument!"). Language has the ability to bring worlds together, and in a time that can sometimes seem riddled with confusion, I want my students to be aware that language is a necessary tool that conveys powerful truth. 

I hope you find this class to be challenging, fun, and inspirational! 

Teacher Schedule

  • Period 1: English II PreAP
    Period 2: English II PreAP
    Period 3: English II PreAP
    Period 4: English II PreAP
    Period 5: Conference Period
    Period 6: English II Pre-AP
    Period 7: English II Pre-AP

Teacher Tutorial Schedule

  • Students are welcome to attend tutorials as needed. Please be prepared for tutorials by coming with specific questions. If students are not present by 3pm, Mrs. George will cancel the day's tutorials. 

    Tuesdays @ 6:50am (until 7:15am)

    Thursdays @ 2:45pm (until 3:30pm)

    Any other tutorials are by appointment request only.