• Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (MCJROTC) Purpose: The Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (MCJROTC) instills in students the values of citizenship, service to the United States, personal responsibility and a sense of accomplishment. Led by Capt. Jorge Escatell and supported by 1st Sgt. Marcel Lett, students maintain physical excellence, carry the flag at official events such as graduation and engage in friendly competition with JROTC units at other schools.  Requirements: A commitment to academic success and to their fellow cadets.  Students that embark on this journey are also eligible to receive a Public Service Endorsement upon completing 4-years.

  • Senior Marine Instructor: Captain Jorge Escatell (USMC ret)
    Marine Instructor: First Sergeant Marcel Lett      (USMC ret)
    Battalion Commmander:
    Battalion Executive Officer: 
    Battalion Operations Officer
    Battalion SgtMaj:
    S-1: CadetSgt Nadine Barrea (SOPH)/Cpl Natalia Cole (JR)
    S-3: Cadet Sgt Deon Mathai (SOPH)/Cpl Dabi Okeke (SR)
    S-4: Cadet 2ndtLt Madison Kimbrough (SOPH)
    Company Commander Alpha Company: Cadet 
    Executive Officer Alpha Company: Cadet      
    Company 1stSgt: Cadet 1stSgt Klye Abubo (SR)                                
    Company Commander Bravo Company:Cadet Major Bridget Maclean (SR)
    Executive Officer Bravo Company: Cadet        
    Company 1stSgt: Cadet                                  
    Company Commander Charlie Company: Cadet Maj Kemp Odle (SR)
    Executive Officer Charlie Company: Cadet             
    Company 1stSgt: Cadet 1stSgt Noah Brooks (SR)                                  
    Speciality Teams
    Cadet Maj Lauren Lively (SR): Primary Color Guard Commander
    Cadet : Secondary Color Guard Commander
    Cadet :Armed Drill Team Commander
    Cadet :Armed Exhitbition Drill Team Commander
    Cadet 1stSgt Noah Brooks (JR):Unarmed Drill Team Commander
    Cadet Major Hanna Taurainen (JR):Unarmed Exhitbition Drill Team Commander
    Cadet :Marksmanship Commander
    Cadet Sgt Caleb Winn (SR): Male PT Captain
    Cadet 1stLt Anna Labbe Female (JR):Female PT Captain
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