• The purpose of the program is to recognize students who have contributed time during their high school career to their community in terms of volunteer service hours. This program promotes volunteerism more than philanthropy, less donating and more doing. In hopes for a student to be well-rounded by helping their community along with managing school and other activities. Parents, please support your students to get up and get out. Students may not be paid for any services performed in order to obtain Y.E.S. hours. Participation in the Y.E.S. program is voluntary. 

    This means taking the time to volunteer with a Non-Profit 501c3 Organization*. They must be registered with the IRS, you can verify this by looking them up in https://apps.irs.gov/app/eos/.

    Requirements to enroll in the program: 

    • Submit a signed contract to the counseling office (there is a fee if the program is not completed) 
    • Perform 100 hours of service for non-profit organizations prior to March 31st of their senior year
      • Students can volunteer up to 25 hours during the summer, which will apply towards the 100 hours
    • Create an account in www.x2vol.com
      • X2VOL is the website that will track the students' hours. This is also the way that they will have their hours verified by the organization they volunteer for. This website also offers a transcript option that they can print and submit to their potential colleges and/or universities. 

    Opportunities will be posted in a Schoology YES group that students will have access to after submitting their contract to the counseling office. 

    Upon completion of the 100 hours, students will receive a Y.E.S. medal for their graduation ceremony. 

    *Please carefully review our conditions and guidelines, as not all non-profit services count towards YES, such as religious services, caretaking, and pet fostering.