Send all attendance emails to: AttendanceRPHS@fortbendisd.com


    ·        All excuse notes (whether from a parent, doctor’s office, court, etc.) must be received within 5 days of the student’s return to school or the absence will be coded Unexcused.

    ·        Notes may be emailed as follows:

    Last Names: A – K       Attendance Clerk - Patricia Meza

       Phone: 281-327-5338, fax: 281-327-5374

    Last Names: L – Z       Attendance Clerk - Kenia Chacon

       Phone: 281-327-5216, fax: 281-327-5203


    Notes brought in by students should be placed in the brown box in the Attendance Office window and signed in on the purple clipboard.

    Students out of school for 4 or more consecutive days, must turn in a doctor’s note within 5 days of return to school or the absence will be coded “Unexcused” and can lead to Truancy.

    . Excuse notes must include Student’s full name, ID number, reason for absence, date(s) of absence, parent signature and parent phone number.

    . Students must sign-in and out through the Attendance Office when arriving late or leaving early. 

    . Leaving early: If your student is leaving early, please send or email a note by 1st period to the attendance office. The student will be given a pass to come to the Attendance Office at the scheduled time. 

    . The Attendance Office window closes at 2:25 P.M.  Please arrive by 2:20 P.M. if you are picking your student up early.

    Absences that are not excused by law, or not covered by extenuating circumstances, shall be designated as unexcused, even if the student has parental permission to be absent (Refer to FBISD Student Handbook) EX. Family vacation, DPS, oversleeping, Missing the bus, etc.

    . If you receive a call that your child was marked absent in class and feel this was done in error, please have the student talk/email the teacher about changing the absence. If an error was made, the teacher will email a correction to the Attendance Office. 




Attendance Office Staff