Our office is now paperless!  Please email all attendance notes to RPHS Attendance. If you are submitting a doctor's note, please scan or take a picture of the note and email it to us.


    If you receive a call/email that your child was marked absent in class and feel this was done in error, please have the student talk/email the teacher about changing the absence. If an error was made, the teacher will email a correction to the Attendance Office.




    Late Arrivals

    • Students arriving between 7:30-7:49 must stop and receive a Tardy from the attendance office or tardy station.
    • Students arriving at/after 7:50am must sign in at the attendance office and will be marked absent.
    • Students missing 20 minutes or more during any class period will be marked absent for that class.
    • All late arrivals, regardless of the time, must sign in at the Attendance Office with a note/documentation.

    Leaving School Early/Pick Up

    • No students may be picked up after 2:15. The attendance office closes at 2:20.
    • A parent/guardian must sign students out in the Attendance Office or if ill, be sent home by the Clinic. Failure to sign out through the Attendance Office or Clinic will result in an unexcused absence.
    • All students, regardless of age, are not allowed to sign themselves out without written parent permission via email or written note with signature and phone number.
    • For Student Drivers- Written permission from parent/guardian must be submitted in a timely manner (at least two hours before leave time). Send an email to the attendance dept including student’s name, reason, time of leave and permission for him/her to leave campus. Student MUST sign out at the attendance office prior leaving campus and receive a parking lot pass.
    • Students will only be released to a person who is listed on their emergency card. Go to www.fortbendisd.com family access to verify who is on the list. You must show proof of ID when picking up a student.
    • If your student is in athletics, please plan to pick them up before or after the athletics period or contact the attendance office prior to arriving in order to contact the coach and locate your student.  



    Absence Requirements

    Please email the attendance office or send a note within 5 school days of an absence regardless of reason. Notes must include: student’s name, grade, reason for absence, parent’s signature and contact number. If a parent fails to email or provide a note, absences will be coded as unexcused. We do not accept notes/emails written by students.

      • Do not email/turn notes in to your student’s teacher(s).
      • Students signing out through the clinic will be marked excused for any periods missed that day. However, if the student is absent any additional days, an email or note must be provided.
      • Students absent for more than 3 consecutive days because of an illness must bring a doctor’s note to excuse any additional days. After 3 days with no doctor’s note, additional absences will be considered Unexcused.

    Absences that are considered “excused” with parent note and/or documentation

      • A medical or dental appointment
      • Illness
      • Death in immediate family
      • Observing religious holy days (FBISD interfaith calendar)
      • A court proceeding that the student is required to attend or a meeting with the probation officer
      • Immigration appointment
      • College Visits- With appropriate college documentation, Juniors and Seniors are allowed 2 visits per year.


    Absences that are considered Unexcused

      • Family Vacations
      • Personal Reasons
      • Overslept/ Missed Bus
      • Traffic


    Testing/Extracurricular and Field Trips

      • Please allow up to 48hrs for attendance to be updated before emailing the attendance office. Students may be counted as absent but it will be updated once we receive who was in attendance from the Sponsor or Testing Coordinator.


      • Truancy is the act of failing or refusing to attend school.  FBISD enforces the Texas Compulsory Attendance laws of the State of Texas. The Student Attendance Specialists work closely with the campuses to collect attendance data, coordinate automated phone messages to parents when a child is absent, issue warning letters, #Attend2Achieve Truancy Diversion Program notices and referrals to appear in court. 
      • If a student receives 3 unexcused absences within a 4 week period or 5 total unexcused absences in a semester, a warning letter will be mailed.
      • If a student accumulates 5 unexcused absences during a semester, an #Attend2Achieve Truancy Diversion Program invitation will be mailed and the campus will implement truancy prevention measures.
      • If a student accrues 10 unexcused absences in a 6 month period, a referral may be sent to the appropriate authorities.



    Truancy Concerns & Questions

    Ms. Carrie Johnson

    Phone:  (281) 327-2075    Email-Carrie.Johnson@fortbendisd.com



    Verification of Enrollment (VOE)

    Please email request to rphsregistrar@fortbendisd.com





Attendance Office Staff

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