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    Welcome to the RPHS Gaming Club!


    In an environment open to everyone, we are honored to have you join us in our mission to connect and socialize with others who share the same interests as you do. In this club, we will be playing some of our favorite video games, exploring new games, competing against each other, and forging new connections with people with other interests. In addition, we hope to inspire students to pursue STEM careers by helping to foster a lifelong love of technology.


    The two main sectors of the club are the Recreational Sector, which is purely for fun and is will include playing games and going to events and meetups, while the eSports sector will include competing in eSports tournaments against other High School Teams.


    Club Activities Will Include:

                                         Playing video games in the club and exploring new games.

                                         Fun Events (EX: Gaming Cafes, Arcades, Video Game Trucks, Main Event, and etc.)

                                         eSport Competitions against other High Schools.

    We have our meeting every Friday between 3 and 4 pm at Room D124. To join the club, you will need to fill out the application and meet the requirements. To get more details, you can stop by the room.