Ridge Point 2025 Senior Package will begin sales on May 1, 2024, and extend until January 31, 2025. The Senior package will enable families to pay off common senior expenses over time.

    Included in the package are tickets to the Prom and senior trip*, the panoramic class photo, the senior class t-shirt and sweatshirt, and the yearbook.

    Payment Schedule

    This year's Senior package will be $480.


    Option 1: One-time Payment: $480 (Due by January 31st)


    Option 2: Six payments of $80 are due as follows (Due by January 31st):


    • Wednesday, May 1

    • Monday, September 16

    • Tuesday, October 15

    • Friday, November 15

    • Monday, December 16

    • Friday, January 31


    Option 3: A- La -Carte (Individual Item Pricing)

    *Begins February 1, 2025*




    *All tickets and packages are non-transferable.

    To accept a package option, please complete the Senior Package Contract.

  • Nicole Burbridge Nicole.Burbridge@fortbendisd.com

    Tonya Samuels  Tonya.Samuels@fortbendisd.com




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