Teacher Information

Phone: (281)327-0282


Degrees and Certifications:

Buisness Administration, Le Tourneau University

Captain Jorge O. Escatell

Welcome ALL! I have the distinct privilege to serve as the Senior Marine Instructor for the MCJROTC unit at Ridge Point HS. After serving in the military for the past 22 years, I now have the honor to serve once again, but this time as a mentor to the outstanding students of Ridge Point HS. Along with the other great professionals that make up the Ridge Point Staff, I am here to assist you navigate through your high school years in order to achieve your dreams! My advice to you: Don’t blink because it goes by fast so be sure to study hard, but enjoy and challenge yourself every day! Feel free to call me with any questions you may have 281.327.0282. 

  • Period 1:JROTC I-----------0730 to 0818
    Period 2:JROTC I-----------0824 to 0912
    Period 3:JROTC II----------0918 to 1006
    Period 4:JROTC II-IV------1012 to 1100
    Period: Advisory-----------1106 to 1124
    Period 5:JROTC II-IV------1130 to 1226
    C-Lunch--------------------1228 to 1258
    Period 6:Conference -----1304 to 1352
    Period 7:JROTC II-IV------1358 to 1445
  • JROTC Tutorials:   2:50 to 3:30 Monday –Friday.  
    Or if needed by appointment in order deconflict with student's schedule