• paso a paso


    Paso a Paso addresses the daily struggles of the Latino community trying to adjust to the American way of life. We would like to ease this transition with our services for the students struggling with English barriers at Baines Middle School. We hold sessions every Tuesday from 4:15-5:00l with predominantly Hispanic students. We hope it will help Latino, Latinx, and Hispanic students comprehend English homework in major school subjects including math, science, social studies, and language. We aim to give the students helpful advice on how to be successful academically. Giving them insight about high school and the small necessary steps to have a brighter future.


    1. Create a friendly atmosphere with positive words of advice.
    2. Build friendships that can last during their years in FBISD and beyond.
    3.  Provide encouragement and empathy. 
    4.  Demonstrate compassion as a mentor.  
    5.  Focus on counseling students with personal/academic issues, helping them to break through the English-language barrier.


    • Communicate and interact with mentees with positive and friendly body language
    • Do NOT come just for the YES hours
    • Make sure you are coming with a positive attitude, that is going to uplift these students.
    • Give them advice on how to deal with certain situations. Focus on being proactive and having a problem-solving attitude. 
    • Don’t encourage the chisme or negativity, instead redirect their attention to positive outcomes and solutions. 
    • Empower our mentees by always reminding them that they have a choice and we are here to help them make the right one. 
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