• franceflag     Why should I learn French?  


    There are 29 countries around the globe where French is the official language. In addition to these nations, there are also several dependent entities where French has been designated as the official language.  No wonder why French is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. In the United States, French is recognized as a cultural language in both Maine and Louisiana. It is a de facto official language and is used for education, commerce and government services.


    Proficiency in French opens many doors to students throughout their academic and professional careers. France and the United States have long shared strong ties. These historical bonds have proven robust over the years and continue to unite both countries in the face of major global challenges. 9 million Americans claim French ancestry and French is currently spoken by 1.3 million people at home in the United States. French is also the second most commonly taught language in American schools after Spanish with over 1.2 million students.