All levels of both languages have the goal of using the target language 90% + every day. This does NOT mean the teacher speaking or signing ASL,  Spanish or French for 90% of the time, but that 90% + of every class will revolve around hearing, reading, speaking, and writing in the target language.

    Only through such consistent use can we reach our communicative goals.




    American Sign Language I

    A course designed to develop and emphasize interpersonal communication to achieve communicative competence. The students in this class develop fingerspelling skills as well as expressive and receptive sign skills, acquire a broad vocabulary, and learn the basic principles of ASL syntax and grammar. Students also learn about the history of sign language and the culture of the American Deaf community.


    American Sign Language II

    A course in which students will recognize and produce ASL (American Sign Language) both receptively and expressively as well as produce ASL sentences using correct grammatical features. Students will learn and use classifiers to support ASL structure. Students will also gain continued appreciation for and knowledge of Deaf culture and Deaf history.


    American Sign Language III

    This course builds on the foundation of skills and knowledge learned in American Sign Language II. With the course there is a significant emphasis on expansion and refinement of comprehension as well as production and interactional skills as covered in ASL 2. In addition to expanding their vocabulary, students will learn more complex grammatical features through the use of narratives and dialogue.


    Dual Credit ASL I & ASL II

    Partnered with Houston Community College, students who previously took ASL 1 and received the minimum required score on their Texas Success Initiative Assessment are eligible to take this course. This course offers high school students the opportunity to enroll in a college-level course and earn 8 college credits. ASL 1 would be offered in the Fall and ASL 2 would be offered in the Spring. This would fulfill their second Foreign Language credit required through FBISD.