• Book Product Development



    Develop a product for a book lover to sell!
    Your job is to create the perfect product that goes along with your favorite book.
    Channel you inner Pinterest and your creative side!
    Choose your favorite book and don’t forget to tell the name of it.
    Use Artemis to find a topic and a quote from or about the book. This can be your inspiration for your product. Include citation!
    Create a 2 slide minimum presentation describing your product and how it connects to your book.
    Use direct quote from book or review from Artemis.
    Provide citation.
    Ex. Julius Caesar Knife Block, 1984 Peripheral Glasses, Book visionary app

    Full Instructions  



     Topics for Searching

      • Your chosen book - Be sure to specify (novel) in the search if there is also a movie version of your book. 
      • The author of your chosen book  

    Types of Resources

      • Literary Criticisms
      • Biographies
      • Topic & Work Overviews
      • Reviews & News

    Print Resources