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Mrs. Carol Irving- Jones

Mrs. Irving-Jones is our Health Science Teacher. She has been a teacher for over 19 years. She has been in the Medical Field for over 25 years. She is highly qualified in both college and High school Health Science and earned her Nursing Certification in 2008. Her degree is in Arts/ Nursing. Her first teaching job was at Corinthian College in Houston, Texas and their she taught the Medical Assistants and Administrative Assistants. She looks forward in teaching students the philosophy and the art of patient care, disease processes and theory of Health Science. 

  • Period 1Distance Learning( CAMPUS TO CAMPUS)
    Period 2:Distance Learning(CAMPUS TO CAMPUS)
    Period 3:Distance Learning(CAMPUS TO CAMPUS)
    Period 4:Conference 
    Period 5: Medical Terminology
    Period 6: Medical Terminology
    Period 7: Medical Termiology
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