Dual Credit

  • What is a dual credit course? Dual credit courses are courses which students take while in high school where they can get both high school AND college credit at the same time. They are offered to students in FBISD through Houston Community College at no charge for students inside of the HCC taxing district ($65 for out-of-district students). Students are required to purchase any books or materials. There are currently 11 dual credit courses available to Kempner HS students. See the chart below. The chart does not include dual credit courses available through the FBISD Reese Center. Please contact Lead Counselor/Dual Credit Coordinator Dwana Durgens with any dual credit questions.

    What are the requirements to take a dual credit course? To take a dual credit course the student must meet the FBISD grade level requirement and the Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSIA2) requirement. There are several ways that a student can meet dual credit TSIA2 eligibility requirements. If a student does not meet one of the four dual credit TSIA2 exemptions listed below, then the student would be required to take the TSIA2 exam. The TSIA2 is the college placement test for the state of Texas.