• Kempner High School College Visits

    Colleges and universities visit Kempner high school every week in the College and Career Readiness Center. Students are able to register to attend college recruiter presentation in the CCR Center. To view the calendar of visits and register, log into your Naviance Student account. College visits in the CCR Center during the regular school day are for current students only and are geared specifically to current seniors during the fall semester and current juniors in the spring semester. 
    Why attend a college visit presentation in the CCR Center?
    The way to learn about a college or university is to visit the college campus, the next best thing is to attend a recruitment presentation for that college. During the presentation the admissions officer talks about the application process, college programs, campus clubs/organizations, housing, financial aid, and the scholarship application process. Many times, the admissions officer shares tips with students about the application process and how a student can better position him or herself for acceptance. Often, the admissions officer that visits our campus is also the admissions officer that will review your admissions application, s/he could be the person making your admissions decision.
    Is pre-registration required to attend?
    Yes, if a student is interested in visiting with the college recruiter and viewing the college presentation, the student MUST register for the visit in their Naviance Student account. 
    When are college visits held at KHS?
    College visits are held during various class period throughout the school day. We try not to schedule more than two college visits per school day.
    Students will receive confirmation of attendance in form of a pass sent to them via email. If a student does not receive an electronic pass, the student is not able to attend the visit.
    Attendance is at the discretion of the teacher. Students who are testing will not be allowed to leave for the college visit until the assignment is complete and is dismissed by the teacher. College visit rosters will be sent to the attendance office as well as teachers. If a student does not attend the college visit it will be noted on the roster submitted to the attendance office.

    College/University Campus Visits

    There is no substitute for seeing a college in person!
    There are many ways to find out about a college, from online sites, to brochures, to college fairs. But there is no substitute for seeing the campus in person. Visit the college’s admissions page for information on Junior or Senior Visit Days and Open Houses. Plan ahead, make your reservations early. Large university open houses fill up quickly! Students are also able to set up individual and small group tours college tours. This can be done by visiting the college’s admission page or contacting the college’s admission department.
    What should I do before my college visit?
    Call the Admission Office in advance, tell them the date you would like to visit, and the time of day you expect to arrive. Many colleges also offer online campus registration for visit days.

    Inquire about scheduling an interview, attending an information session, visiting classes, and talking with faculty. If you want to stay overnight in a residence hall, ask if they can make arrangements.

    Research the college using the college’s website. - Write down anything that struck you as "cool". You will not remember all of it later on!

    Make a list of questions that you want answered.
    How many college visit days am I allotted per year?
    Students may miss up to TWO days a year (not semester) for a campus visits. 

    How do I ensure these visits are excused?
    Turn in an excuse note from parent to the attendance office
    Turn in a signed letter from a university official on university official letter head verifying the student's campus visit to the attendance office. Most universities will have a standardized letter for campus visits. Please ask for such a letter when visiting a campus.
    NOTE: This all must be turned in within 2 days of the absence.

    Do these absences count toward exemptions?

    No, if you follow the steps above, they do not count against you, but consider making college visits in the summer, before second semester begins, on spring break, or weekends. Most colleges have big Saturday events in which you can visit the campus with other prospective students.