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    Kempner Sports Medicine Team:  located in the land of sunshine and greatness  Our mission at FBISD is to promote the most positive and pure picture of high school sports medicine while providing the best possible medical care to all athletes that compete in our District.  Through our collaborative team efforts, we will stress the importance of our students' achievement of educational success while promoting the profession of Sports Medicine.  We will accomplish this through a positive and optimistic approach of our student trainer aides and our professional growth amongst our qualified staff.  We are not only dedicated to the educational growth of students but also providing comprehensive care of the medical needs of our athletes.  

    Parents: If your child is injured, please notify us immediately by calling the training room 281-634-2363 or sending an email to the athletic trainers.  If a student is at school, please have them report to the athletic trainer in the field house.  Athletes that see a physician will need to return to school with a doctor's note that states injury, playing status, and anticipated length of time out of activity.  Athletes will submit a note to the Athletic Trainer and will need to let them know to email a copy to the attendance department, if an excuse is needed. 

    Concussion/Suspected Concussion: Please report immediately and do NOT participate in any physical activity.  Athletes will need to see a concussion trained physician to be cleared to return to learn and then to return to sports participation.  They will then need to complete the mandatory return to play protocol with the Athletic Trainer.  Students will need to see AT for the required paperwork.




    Kara Sylvester, M.Ed, ATC, LAT

    Head Athletic Trainer/Girls Coordinator

    Kempner High School


    281-634-2363 Office

    281-327-2363 Fax



    Jack Spillman, MS, ATC, LAT

    Assistant Athletic Trainer

    Kempner High School


    281-634-2363 Office