• Kempner High School Parking Pass Policies and Procedures



    • Students must be seniors, juniors, or sophomores for the current school year
    • Students must have a valid drivers license
    • Students must have insurance on the vehicle
    • Students must have cleared all financial obligations
    • Students may be denied the privilege to park based upon attendance issues, discipline issues,
    • and/or parking/driving incidents


    All students who are granted the privilege to park must have their parking permit displayed

    properly in their vehicles at all times. All students will be issued a student parking permit and must

    park in the student lots only. Students are not allowed to park along curbs, on fire lanes, or in the

    faculty/visitor parking lots. All parking locations are clearly marked.


    Possible Revocation of Your Parking Permit:

    Failure to follow parking requirements will result in fees/fines and possible revocation of your ability

    to park on campus.

    Loss of Privilege:

    Student behaviors including, but not limited to, the following list may result in loss of parking

    privileges for the remainder of the current school year and/or the ability to parking during the

    following school year:

    • Being tardy more than 10 times per semester throughout the school day
    • Having two or more parking violations
    • Leaving the school grounds and/or taking others with you in your vehicle during the school day
    • Dangerous driving in the lot
    • Contraband in your vehicle

    *Regular Parking permits are $25. Senior Reserved permits are $50. No cash accepted. Fill out application to receive

    parking permit number in order to pay in RevTrak*

    Non-Refund Policy:

    If a student loses the privilege to park on campus during the year, he/she is not eligible for a

    refund of parking fees.


    How to purchase permit:

    1. Fill out the application through the link below. Once the application is submitted, you will proceed to the next step.

    2. Purchase the permit through RevTrak.

    3. Once your purchase has been made, you will be called down to Mr. Maldonado's office to receive your designated parking permit. 

    Link to submit parking permit application


    Parking Policy and Procedures Document