• Tenczar - 80s, 90s, 2000s Project


    Use the following recommended databases and article links over specific topics to guide your research.
    * Note * The following links will open on any school computer. If you are working from home, you must obtain the password to view from your library.  
    Best databases
    General search for ANY topic!
    Gale Virtual Reference Library
    Comprehensive Database for American History
    Collection of over 1000 national and international newspapers.
    Specific Articles for Topics:
    • Digital Revolution 
      • Computing - CHRISTOPHER BROWN-SYED and TERRI L. LYONS, Encyclopedia of Communication and Information
    • Globalization 
      • Globalization - Milner Helen V - International Encyclopedia of Political Science
    • Growth of Terrorism
      • Terrorism - AUSTIN T. TURK, Encyclopedia of Crime and Justice.
      • Terrorism - David Martin Jones, Encyclopedia of Global Studies.
    • New Right
    • Financial Crisis of 2008
      • Market Failure - Ekkart Zimmermann, International Encyclopedia of Political Science.
    • Election of 2000 
    • Reagan and Domestic policies
    • Reagan and Foreign Policies
    • End of the cold War
      • Cold War - Tsuyoshi Hasegawa, Encyclopedia of Global Studies
    • First Gulf War
      • Gulf Wars - Elizabeth Rholetter Purdy, St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture
    • Health Care Debate - Clinton vs. Obama