• European Landmark Project

     Pierce - European Landmark Project


    Pretend you are an engineer/artist who has been approached by a client requesting a one-of-a-kind collage displaying 8 to 10 of Europe’s most notable landmarks. Your client is willing to pay all expenses and materials associated with this project as well as $150,000.00 for the completed project. Your client has made it clear the artwork must be hand-crafted, to display on the wall (canvas, poster, cloth, frame or shadow box), and cannot be larger than 8 ½ x 11. You decide a trip to Europe is necessary to truly get a feel for the landmarks in person.  You plan to visit as many European landmarks as possible to assist you with selecting the landmarks to be used for the project.


    Travel Info - Feel free to browse other travel websites, but the following sites may be helpful.

     Airline Ryanair - http://www.ryanair.com/gb/en/

    Hotel Info -  Feel free to browse other travel websites, but the following sites may be helpful.


    Landmark  -

    Use the database Student Resources in Context to find the City/Country, Languages, Climate, and Currency for your landmarks. Each country below is linked to the database reference page with information.
    Search for specific landmarks on Student Resources or Britannica click the links below to find specific landmark information. 
    Student Resources
    • Belgium
      • La Grand Place
    • France 
      • Arc de Triomphe
      • Cité de Carcassonne
      • Eiffel Tower
      • Mont-Saint-Michel
      • Notre Dame de Paris
      • The Louvre
    • Germany
      • Brandenburg Gate
    • Greece 
      • Acropolis of Athens
      • Parthenon
      • Temple of Olympian Zeus
    • Italy
      • Coliseum
      • Duomo
      • Pantheon
      • Pisa
      • Trevi Fountain
    • Russia
      • Saint Basil's Cathedral
    • Spain
      • El Escorial
      • Royal Palace of Madrid
      • Sagrada Família
    • Turkey
      • Hagia Sophia
    • United Kingdom
      • Big Ben
      • Buckingham Palace
      • Tower Bridge
      • Stonehenge
      • Admiralty Arch