• Rhodes - Musician Research

    * Note * The following links will open on any school computer. If you are working from home, you must obtain the password to view from your library.

    The following databases will be the most helpful in your research:

    Use Gale Virtual Reference Library to look up the decade music:  Ex. 1950s music
    Gale Virtual Reference Library
     Use Student Resources to look up genre's:  Ex. Rock 'n' roll
    General search for ANY topic!
    Use Biography in Context to look up particular artists:  Ex. Buddy Holly
    Research famous people!


    The following articles and reference eBooks will be an excellent base for your research:

    Front Cover
    Cynthia Johnson and Lawrence W. Baker, eds. Vol. 1: 1900s-1910s. 2nded. Detroit: UXL, 2012. 1651 pp. 6 vols.