College Application Process


    Students applying to a state intuition will use the Apply Texas application found online at This includes junior colleges. Private and prestigious universities utilize the Common Application found on Some students may choose to apply directly to the university through the university website, but students should be aware that they will not be able to copy an application this way. By using Apply Texas or the Common Application, students can easily copy their application information over to another application. The only advantage students have in applying directly through the university is that sometimes a fee waiver is offered. The application includes student demographic information, course history, residency questions, extracurricular and volunteerism, talents awards & honors, employment information, and an essay or two if the college requires.

    Note: If a student is using the common application, they must link their common app account to Naviance. See the College Application Handout below to assist you with this. Students using the common app must also request letters of recommendation & the common app form to be prepared by their counselors and teachers. See more info under letters of recommendation.



    You will pay the application fee or submit a fee waiver (if you qualify - see the information about Application fee waivers below) at the end of your application.  Most community colleges, such as Houston Community College, do not charge an application fee.  Fees per application can range from $45.00- $90.00.


    Send SAT or ACT official scores to the colleges you are applying to.  If you have not taken one of the exams yet, the college you are applying to cannot consider your application until you have at least one set of scores from one of the tests. Junior colleges are the exception to this rule. Junior colleges do not require the SAT or ACT, but they require a placement test called the TSI.
    SAT sign up, send scores, & testing dates:
    ACT sign up, send scores, & testing dates:



    Send transcripts to colleges in Naviance.  Students will login to Naviance using their FBISD user name and password. They should add the college they are applying to in “Colleges I’m Applying to” and click request transcript to make the request. The registrar processes all transcript requests using Naviance. Please refer to the Transcript Request page for more information.


    Fee Waivers: 

    To be eligible for fee waivers, students must be on free and reduced lunch. Ridge Point High School gives 1 waiver for the SAT which includes 2 free SATs (with or without the essay), six free SAT Subject Tests, 2 Question-and-Answer Service reports and 4 Application Fee Waivers. Students should request Fee Waivers from Ms. Glover by completing the JotForm in Naviance. In Naviance, on the Junior and/or Senior Homepage, there is a link for Fee Waiver Information. The form can be found there. Ms. Glover will contact the student when the Fee Waiver is ready to be picked up.


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