Transcript Requests

  • Need an official or unofficial transcript? Follow the instructions below to request a transcript. 


    Unofficial Transcript Requests:
    Students may need to request unofficial transcripts for scholarships, summer camps, to have for their own records, or, sometimes, for employment. 

    To request an unofficial transcript log into your Naviance Student account and complete the unofficial transcript request form. Transcripts are sent via email to the address entered into the request form. You can expect it to take up to five business days to recieve your unofficial transcript. 

    Official Transcript Requests:
    All official transcript requests are submitted in Naviance Student. Email and over the phone requests will not be processed. 

    College Application Transcript Requests

    Review the College Application Handout below to learn how to request your transcript for your college applications. 

    Scholarship and Other Official Transcript Requests

    In Naviance student click on Colleges (top right side of screen). Click on Apply to College, click on Manage Transcripts. Click on the Pink Plus, Click on Other Transcript.

    Be sure to enter all required information into the request form in Naviance Student. If the transcript is to be sent electronically to the scholarship or program, you must enter the correct email address in the notes section on the right side.

    If you must send all required scholarship documents at one time (including the transcript) it is your responsibility to turn in all required scholarship documents in a large envelope to Mrs. Shanar in the registrar’s office. You must have the receiver’s address as well as the required amount of postage already on the envelope. Once Mrs. Shanar has processed the transcript request, she will place your transcript inside the envelope and mail it for you.

    It is very important to submit your scholarship you want mailed no less then 3 business days before the "mail by" date. Our district utilizes a mail system that does not always go out the same day so it is imperative you submit the scholarship to the registrar's office several days in advance. Please remember that business days are Monday-Friday, non-holiday.

    All transcript requests will be processed within 7 business days. (excluding weekends and holidays). It is important to request transcripts several days before postmark deadlines.

    Transcript requests are not automated. Transcripts are processed and sent through the registrar's office. Mrs. Shanar sends your transcript. 

    FBISD does NOT provide students or parents with an official transcript. FBISD will provide students and parents with an unofficial copy of the student’s transcript twice a year upon request.

    FBISD and RPHS does NOT send test scores with the transcripts.


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