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    The FFA promotes Premier Leadership, Personal Growth and Career Success, as well as agriculture education. If you eat, you are involved in agriculture.

    Major Events& Activities:   
    7-Jul-18 Co Fair Pig tag-in Rosenberg
    July 10-13, 2018 State FFA Convention Fort Worth
    7/14/2018 Foster Progress Show Rosenberg
    20-Jul-18 Clements/Austin Progress Rosenberg
    21-Jul Ridgepoint Progress Show Rosenberg
    27-Jul Stafford Progress show Rosenberg
    July 29-Aug 3 VATAT Convention Lubbock
    11-Aug Fish Camp Dulles
    18-Aug Rabbits Brenham
    20-Aug Tattoo Rabbits Rosenberg
    5-Sep Open House Dulles
    11-Sep FFA Meeting Dulles
    15-Sep District Greenhand Camp Clements
    Sept 27- Oct 7 Fort Bend County Fair Rosenberg
    Sept 17 - sept 28 Fundraiser begins and ends Dulles
    1-Oct Major show entry passed out Dulles
    Oct 8 Austin Co Ag. Mechanics Bellville
    20-Oct Sealy Invitational CDE Sealy
    29-Oct Halloween Meeting Dulles
    Nov 1 LDE Dress Rehersal Dulles H101
    4-Nov Weimar On-line Quiz Online
    Nov 5 Southwest Dist lDE Stafford High School
    Nov 16 Area III LDE Blinn College
    Nov 29-Dec 1 State LDE  Huntsville
    Dec 13 FFA Meeting Dulles H101
    11-Jan-19 Midwinter/Elite TBA
    Dec 15 Super Judging Contest Dulles H101
    26-Jan-19 Wild Card CDE Columbus/Weimar
    31-Jan-19 Katy CDE TBA
    6-Feb Deer Park CDE LaPorte
    7-Feb San Antonio Floral San Antonio
    Feb 12 FFA meeting Dulles H101
    Feb 16-22 San Antonio Pigs San Antonio
    21-Feb Prairie View CDE Prairie View
    1-Mar Clear Falls/Springs Vet/Floral Clear Falls
    Mar 1 Spring Barn contracts passed-out Dulles H101
    2-Mar HLSR Floral HLSR
    Mar 2 HLSR Program Sales TBA
    Mar 9-14 HLSR Pigs Light Dark ?
    5-Mar HLSR Horse TBA
    18-Mar HLSR Livestock Judging HLSR ?
    March 25 Barn contracts due Spring Dulles H101
    30-Mar TAMU Judging Clinic College Station
    5-Apr Area CDE Wool College Station
    6-Apr TMU Clinic/ Vet Clinic College Station
    16-Apr SHSU Inv. State CDE Floral Huntsville
    17-Apr Area CDE Tarleton Vet TBA
    18-Apr Southwest District Convention TBA
    March 28 ??? West of the Brazos TBA
    April 3 ????? Region III Wildlife TBA
    April 23-25 Tarleton CDE Stephenville
    April 30 Officer Election Dulles H101
    May 2-3 State CDE Floral Forage Huntsville
    May 3-4 State CDE TAMU College Station
    May 7 FFA Banquet Dulles Cafeteria
    16-Apr Area Speaking TBA
    17-Apr Area Convention TBA
    May ? Scholarship   TBA
    1-Jun Lone Star/ American Degree TBA
    June 5-7 State Degree Stephenville

    Fundraising activities include Ham, turkey, bacon and sausage sales.  fundraising begins September 17 and runs till September 28, 2018


    September 11, 2018,  Kick Off Meeting—Cafeteria  6:00 pm

                                              October 30, 2018  Halloween Meeting—H-101  6:00 pm

                                              November 1, 2018  LDE Dress Rehearsal   H 101  6:00 pm

                                              December 13, 2018  FFA Holiday Party  H 101  6:00 to 8:30 p.m.

                                              January 15, 2019  FFA Meeting, Super Judging Contest   H 101 6:00 to 9:00p.m.

                                              February 12. 2019  FFA Meeting, Valentine Meeting  H 101 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

                                              April 30, 2019  Officer Election After School 3:00to 5:00 p.m.  H101

                                             May 8, 2019  FFA Banquet, Cafeteria  6:00 p.m.

    Students must be enrolled in at least one agriculture class throughout the year to participate with the FFA. An Ag facility is available for those students who would like to raise and animal. It is not required for a student to raise an animal to be in the FFA.

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