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Dance Education

  • Dance education strives to develop the student as a dance participant and an educated audience member.  The course introduces the student to various forms of  movement genres, fitness for life components, dance history  and the creative process.  Through daily participation in physical activities the student will learn various dance forms such as fitness dance,  ballet, jazz and modern/contemporary dance.  Studies of the related dance histories introduce students to various cultures.  Exploring the creative process, students will develop their own creative skills and build confidence as  performers. Students will develop and refine motor skills, coordination and kinesthetic awareness.  They will develop self-confidence through performances. Students will be knowledgeable of ways to improve and maintain personal fitness.   Students will enhance their understanding of the aesthetics of dance presentations. 

    Course Offerings 
    • Dance I and II Fine Arts or PE Credit     
    • Dance III and IV 
    • JV Dance Team (by audition) 
    • Dolls Dance Team (by audition)

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