• 12/26/21

    AP Testing IN PERSON is now complete for 2021!

    Digital AP Testing continues - be sure to refer to your student college board account for your remaining AP Exam test date/times.

    REFUNDS for unused AP Exams are not automatic: If you need to request a refund for an AP that you paid for but did not take/start digitally: 

    you are required to complete the refund request which is posted on the FBISD AP Exam Webpage: https://www.fortbendisd.com/Page/295

    Thank you!


    TAKING an AP Digital Exam?

    Per College Board: Refer to the AP Digital Testing Guide and our website for the latest information about digital AP Exams.

    Exam setup is a critical, time-sensitive step that loads a student's specific exam onto the computer they're going to test with. If a student doesn’t complete exam setup before exam day, they may not be able to test.


    Here's an exam setup schedule for week 1 digital AP Exams to help you plan.

    Students have a three-day window to complete exam setup: Exam setup opens three calendar days before each digital exam and must be completed no later than the day before the exam.

    Note: For digital exams that take place on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, the window to complete exam setup falls across weekend days.

    Course Name Week 1 Digital AP Exams Date Setup Opens

    Date Setup Must Be Completed

    Computer Science A
    English Literature and Composition
    Tuesday, May 18 Saturday, May 15 Monday, May 17
    Art History
    European History
    United States History
    Wednesday, May 19 Sunday, May 16 Tuesday, May 18
    United States Government and Politics
    World History: Modern
    Thursday, May 20 Monday, May 17 Wednesday, May 19



    AM Test:

    Biology - in the Girls' Gym, Arrive by 7:30 AM

    PM Tests:

    Chinese - in Cheer Gym, Arrive by 11:30 AM

    Environmental Science - in Girls' Gym, Arrive by 11:30 AM

    • Enter DHS through the doors by the Girls' Gym
    • DO NOT bring your phone or backpack
    • Bring: Photo ID, pencils, black pen



    NO AP tests Thursday, May 13th

    *** Students should check student account, MYAP, for upcoming test dates scheduled

    If you are scheduled for an Admin 2 test date and want to change to Admin 3 you must notify me 7 days prior to Admin 3 test date otherwise you will not be rescheduled. Your email to me must include:

    1) cc your parents on the email to me so I know they are informed of your change

    2) include your name and ID#

    3) include each exam and what date to move it to for digital testing

    4) confirm you know you are responsible for taking AP exams at home digitally and will follow College Board requirements to do that


    Friday May 7th AP Exam = Spanish Literature at 8:00 AM

    • Enter DHS through the doors by the Girls' Gym
    • Arrive by 7:30 AM
    • DO NOT bring your phone
    • Bring: Photo ID, pencils, black pen


    Thursday, May 6th:

    AM Exam is APUSH, arrive by 7:30 at Girls’ Gym

    PM Exam is Computer Science A, arrive by 11:30 AM at Girls’ Gym

    see previous post on what to bring


    Wednesday May 5th - English Literature AP exam in person testing

    • Enter DHS through the doors by the Girls' Gym
    • Arrive by 7:30 AM
    • DO NOT bring your phone
    • Bring: Photo ID, pencils, black pen

    Tuesday May 4th - Human Geography in person testing

    • arrive to the Girls' Gym by 11:30 AM (teachers have a list of those who are testing in person)
    • DO NOT bring your phone
    • Bring: Photo ID, pencils, black pen
    • You will NOT finish in time to ride a bus home - you can call for a ride from DHS office. Pick up time will be anywhere from 3 - 3:30 or so. That will depend on start time, breaks, etc.


    Good Luck AP Testers! 

    Monday May 3rd - US Govt in person testing

    arrive by 7:30 AM, enter through the doors by the girls' gym, bring a photo ID, bring some pencils and a black pen, and leave your phone at home, in your car.... DO NOT BRING YOUR PHONE IN THE TEST ROOM... you will be okay without it for a few hours I promise! :-) DHS has a phone you can use if you need to call home.


    STUDENT PARKING on AP Exam Days:

    1) Contact Norma Flores at norma.flores@fortbendisd.com or 281-634-5608

    2) You will need a temporary parking tag to place in your car on the day you park at DHS for AP Testing.

    If you do not have a current parking permit Ms. Flores will need the following: 

    1)      Model

    2)      Make

    3)      License plate of the vehicle.

    4)      Your Student ID number

    5)      State License

    6)      policy number of your car insurance


    College Board Calculator Policy (AP Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, APES, all Physics APs and Statistics)

    See attachments: CB Calculator Policy  CB Approved Calculator List  CB Calculator Release Statement

    Note - calculators will not be provided to you on exam day by AP Proctors/Mrs. Ladd. It is up to the student to get an approved calculator to use on exam day. IF you opt not to use a calculator, you must sign the Calculator Release Statement from College Board.


    DHS Student ID - How to get one:

    1. The new IDs you got last year is good. You do not get a new one each year, but every 2 years. 
    2.  If you have lost your ID, you will need to pay for a new one - Please fill out the form & pay on Revtrak using this link: - https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=QWJ9SRo5d0KRrL3SqZ9wVLLKMQuYCnlBsu6Qt-vCucpUMFJZMlFCS1JHUEI0WDlINjREQU84TVNIVi4u
    3. Contact Ms. Carpenter to make an appointment to come get your ID/take ID photo. email her at kaitlyn.carpenter@fortbendisd.com


    PHOTO ID is required to take your AP Exam at DHS... read posting on 4/21/21 below

    • No photo ID to bring to DHS for in-person testing? No old DHS ID to use? No driver's license, no passport?
    • You must have a photo ID to take your AP Exam at DHS - come to the library next week to get one.


    Are you taking an AP Exam(s) at DHS?


    Are you ONLY taking AP Exams digitally at home?

    • Be sure you follow College Board instructions regarding device set up and practice.
    • Digital Exam steps/procedures are posted here



    Final DHS AP EXAM ordered List - 4/19/21 9 AM

    • See attached list and check it closely for accuracy - ALSO check your student College Board Account that your exams are listed there correctly as well


    • email Mrs. Ladd immediately if there is a discrepancy. In the email, put your name, ID# and specifics of what is wrong. lezlie.ladd@fortbendisd.com


    • To cancel an exam from this point forward - do not show up for it. A refund will be processes sometime this summer after all AP Exams are administered.



    Friday April 16th - Last Day to Request an AP Exam Cancellation if you want a refund to be processed prior to Summer, late Summer. Use the cancellation link posted in the previous update. This is optional. You can elect not to take the exam and a refund will be processed later after AP Exam Administration. 

    NOTE - if you do not show up for an In Person AP Exam you are schedule for - you will not be rescheduled to the next exam administration date.




    1. Check your student College Board account for exam registration/date/time accuracy
    2. Check the list posted below on previous update or within the AP Schoology group.
    3. THIS WEEK ONLY - cancel an AP exam using this form for a faster refund 
    4. NO SHOW on an exam date at DHS will not automatically move you to digital exam testing. If you do not show up for your in-person AP Exam, you will not be rescheduled.
    5. If you have an AP exam on the same day as a DHS final exam, work with your DHS teacher to reschedule the final exam.
    6. Info coming soon, regarding In-Person test day procedures. Check Schoology and /or the counselor webpage linked in #2 above. (test arrival time, what to bring, what you cannot bring in the test room, COVID protocol, lunch needs, etc)
    7. If you are taking an AP exam at home online, you must prepare by following College Board's instructions. Digital Exam steps/procedures are posted here
    8. Re-read #4


    Contact Mrs. Ladd via email ASAP if you find any discrepancies with your AP Exam test listed/test dates/times. 





    Check carefully!

    1) Check your name on the attached listing to be sure the AP Exams you think you are taking are listed.

    • check date/times and for any conflict of tests
    • you can have two tests on ONE day, but not at the same time
    • if an AP exam is at the same date/time as your DHS final exam, speak to your teacher about a possible alternate time for your DHS exam

    2) If there is an issue or question, email me ASAP (lezlie.ladd@fortbendisd.com)

    3) CANCELLATIONS -- If your name is on this list and you KNOW YOU WILL NOT TAKE THE EXAM - you can cancel now using this form link attached

    • There is no penalty for cancelling and a refund for payment will be granted. Once you make this request, you cannot change back and take the exam.
    • If you want to wait to cancel your exam by not showing up to the exam, you can do that without penalty. It helps me with numbers/spacing for test day, if you already know you are not going to test - to let me know.

    More info coming soon about test day procedures....




    AP Test Date/Time schedule here

    • For IN PERSON/Paper and Pencil Exams:
      • 8:00 AM start = arrive at DHS no later than 7:15 AM
      • 12:00 PM start = arrive at DHS test room location no later than 11:15 AM
      • NOTE - exam BEGINS at 8 AM / 12 PM sharp and you will not be admitted to the test room once instructions begin


    • DIGITAL EXAMS - be sure you follow all of the instructions provided by College Board for testing digitally (see College Board website and check your email!) You are responsible for all aspects of your digital exam.

    COMING SOON - Test Room locations, testing procedures including what you can or cannot bring with you to the exam, plus lunch instructions for those that may have two exams on one day


    4/6/21  AP Tests: In Person or Digital Plus More...

    • April 7th - deadline to request a change from in-person AP test to digital test --  the student must complete Digital Exam Request form
    • April 8th - Mrs. Ladd will change student exam request from in-person to digital based on those requests. Students will see this change within the student College Board account AFTER Mrs. Ladd makes those changes.
    • IF you made a mistake filling out the form and NOW WANT TO SWITCH BACK TO in-person testing -- You have until the end of the day on April 7th to email Mrs. Ladd that request. Emails must include the following information in order to be processed: student name, ID, ALL exams you are taking and in what method you want (in person/digital).
    • You will NOT be able to change back to in-person testing after I have made the changes noted above.
    • College Board test date/time:  https://apstudents.collegeboard.org/exam-calendar
    • AP Digital Exam Overview: AP Digital Exam Overview
    • AP Testing Terms and Conditions: you should receive this info from College Board which must be acknowledged prior to AP testing participation: CB Terms and Conditions





    • AP Students you need to refer to the test dates provided (see page 2 of the attached) and determine if you have conflicts.
    • You will need to then decide which exam you want to move to a different date and fill out the form.
    • Exam times are set by College Board: College Board Test Times
    • You can and may have two exams on one day but not at same time of day :-)

    APRIL 7th is the deadline to change an exam date - use link on form (page 1 of attached)




    REGARDING Test Date Changes/ Paper Pencil or Digital:

    • After the April 7th deadline for the form submission, you cannot change back to in-person testing once you have submitted your request to change to digital.
    • Fill out the form if you want to change any exam to digital testing (see link in 3/26/21 update below) by April 7th deadline - there will be NO extensions to this deadline
    • When filling out the form --  put DHS for question #4
    • College Board sets the test time, see that here: College Board AP Test Dates   (NOTE - for in-person testing at DHS, you are required to be on campus at the test room 45 minutes ahead of test start time. 8 AM exam = 7:15 AM arrival; 12 PM exam = 11:15 arrival -- more on that as we get closer to exam day
    • You can have two tests on one day (one in AM and one in PM) - that is okay unless you have extra time accommodations


    The attached document from FBISD is four pages long and has details regarding the AP Exam dates for FBISD/DHS and information regarding student test date selection. 
    Important to note: Students will have until APRIL 7 to complete the AP Exam Change Request Form to make a ONE-TIME change from the in-school pencil/paper exam date to a digital at-home exam date. Students can view their final AP exam dates beginning in late April by logging into their MyAP accounts. 



    3/25/ 21 --   FINAL ORDER for AP Exams -  file

    • I will confirm payment was made prior to your test date. NO PAYMENT = NOT Taking the Exam and it will be cancelled on the test date.
    • NO PENALTY for NO SHOW on exam date. Refunds will be made at a later date, TBD.

    Questions? - email lezlie.ladd@fortbendisd.com - include student name and ID# with your question.

    3/12/21 2:35 PM
    3/12/21 @ 1:45 PM

    See file here - these exam orders will be cancelled due to NON Payment

    IF THIS IS INCORRECT - you need to EMAIL ME before 3:00 PM Today, Friday, March 12th

    Email should include your name, ID and exam in question


    AP Students:

    Check this file for your AP Exam Order


    • If you have YES for an order but a payment was not made then that order will be cancelled after I confirm all payments.
    • If you have NO but did make a payment - THE EXAM IS NOT ORDERED and you will be issued a refund. You will not have an exam to take if there is a NO by that exam by your name.

    • This information is reflected in your student College Board account.

    • Contact me before 3:00 PM today, March 11th for questions/problems.



    • What is listed in your student College Board account is what will be ordered for you to take regarding AP Exams. YOU NEED TO LOOK IN YOUR ACCOUNT.
    • I am in the process of reconcilling your order with your payment. IF YOU DID NOT PAY, you will receive an email tomorrow. No Payment = no order
    • If you did not pay, the email I send will have a payment link in it for you to use.
    • It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to check your order within your student College Board account. YES to take an exam will have an exam date and location listed in your account for that exam.
    COVID, Weather, Grades, AP Exams, family obligations, job responsibilities, sibling care, etc - We all have things that bring stress and anxiety to our lives. Many times it can all hit at once and feel overwhelming.
    Take a breath, ask for help, talk to someone, journal, draw, go for a walk/run, ride a bike, do yoga, have a pillow fight with someone or find some other thing that helps you relax (even if for a short 10 - 15 minutes a day). TalkLine: 281-240-8255 or text SPEAK to 741741
    1. For general stress and anxiety reduction: here is a video that shows coping techniques:
    1.  For situations where you feel that your anxiety is hard to manage, this video shows an "in the moment" stress reduction trick:
    Both of the speakers in these videos have websites that discuss ways to handle anxiety and stress.
    1.  Here are some really good apps to download:
              VirtualHopeBox and MindShift
    Both of these apps offer interactive ways to check your mindset, stress levels, and mood.  You may add individual information, keep track of your emotional well-being, and read lessons that help you cope. 




    DHS AP Exam Q & A Meetings Scheduled

    Meetings Scheduled for next week: Links Here

    I will be available during each set meeting time to answer questions and to confirm registration.


    AP Update 3/1/21:

    1) Cancellation/Refunds - fill out the form here and send it to Mrs. Ladd via email (one form for one student, list all exams to cancel)

    2) Full Payment is due by Friday March 5th - see previous updates here for links

    3) AP Exam Test Dates at DHS - are still to be determined and you will receive a survey soon regarding your options. Check your emails!




    1) Change of final payment deadline - March 5th is the final deadline for any payments for AP exams. See update posted here on 12/18/20 for payment link

    2) You must check your student College Board account for your exam registration/order. If your account does not correctly show what AP Exam you plan to take, then that exam will not be ordered for you.

    3) Test Date and Test method options (In Person or Online) will be communicated once determined. Watch for a survey to be sent to you via email soon.

    4) To cancel an AP Exam order you must complete the Cancellation Request form posted on the 12/18/20 update here.




    UPDATED PAYMENT REPORT/EXAM ORDER IS HERE(includes AP Exam payments made through January 2021)

    I have NOT processed any requested exam cancellations yet.

    FEB 26th is the final deadline to make any payments owed.

    Be sure to complete the cancellation request form if you do not plan to take an AP Exam you already ordered. Form link is posted in updates here under 12/18/20



    AP EXAM Testing Procedures will be posted here once I am aware of FBISD's plan for test administration.

    Until then, review info from 12/18/20 for details:

    1) Pay your balance owed for exams by Feb 26th

    2) Submit an exam cancellation request using the form previously posted


    1/29/2021 AP EXAM Registration Update

    1) Refer to the post on 12/18/21 for most details

    2) There is NO cancellation deadline this year. Do not show up to take the exam and a refund will be processed.  HOWEVER, if you know now that you are not going to take an exam you registered for, complete the information requested posted in the 12/18/20 update here. 

    3) PAYMENT deadline is Feb 26th: for full payment owed for all exams.

    4) REFUNDS will be processed in the summer (if not sooner).

    5) SECOND SEMESTER courses - be sure you have JOINed your teachers course with the JOIN code the teacher gives you, indicate your exam decision and make your payment by Feb 26th. Payment Link is listed in the post on 1/12/21 below.


    NOTE -- Once I receive an updated payment report from the district office I will post that list here (similar to list I posted on 12/18/20).




    1/12/21  -  Second Semester Classes - AP Exam Registration

    -This informatin applies to students in new single semester courses now: AP Psych; AP Econ; AP Govt; AP Physics C EM. ALL other AP Exam registration information is posted under 12/18/20

    ALL PAYMENTS are due by Feb. 26th


    1) Your teacher will give you the JOIN code for the Second Semester course section. Add that to your student College Board Account and select your exam registration within that course. YES or NO for exam registration.

    2) Make your payment for that exam. No late fees apply to second semester course exam registrations. Pay online here: AP Exam Payment - S2 courses



    AP Exams Ordered & Paid For -- check this file:  DHS AP Exams

    • If you ordered an exam (see column 4 on that file linked above) and you DID NOT pay by Dec 1st (see column 3 on that file linked above) you can still pay online here
    • If you did not order an exam and still want to do so, follow Step 6 noted on the instructions here
    • If you ordered an exam and now wish to cancel that order, you can fill out this form to request that.


    - some of you UNDER paid and I have emailed you with that information

    - some of you OVER paid and I will begin processing those refunds in January/February

    - Email me any questions but be sure to include your full name, ID# and question



    AP Info: Exam Registration/Payment/Refunds/Cancellation/New Exam Orders & More




    Info Coming Soon: payments, cancellations, refunds, additional orders...

    PDF file - DHS AP - has most current AP Exam Orders noted for May 2021 Exams



    IF you did NOT make your payment before the Dec. 1st deadline AND you did register for the AP Exam within your student College Board account, you will have an opportunity to pay online without a late fee starting on Dec 17th through the same link previously provided for RevTrak.


    NOTE - I do not yet have any payment reports from district to confirm your payment/lack of payment. Nor can I begin processing any refunds yet. Watch this location for that info, hopefully coming soon!



    Regular Registration for AP Exams is closed.

    • If you did not pay for your AP Exam(s) and still want to take your exam(s), watch for information here and for an email regarding the late payment link and deadlines. The late fee is $40 per exam.

    • If you did not pay for your AP Exam and you no longer plan to take the exam, watch for information here and for an email regarding that process.

    • If you overpaid or paid the full amount and you are approved for the Free/Reduced Program, a refund will be processed for you at some point during second semester.

    • Second Semester classes - registration and payment information will be posted here in January and also your teacher will give that to you during your class once your class begins in January.

    • EXAM CANCELLATION – if you registered for an exam and now wish to cancel that exam order OR if you ordered an exam, paid for it and now want to cancel and get a refund: watch for information here and for an email regarding that procedure.



    EXAMS for Full year and S1 and Independent Study have been ORDERED:  AP Exam Order List (multiple pages)

    ADDITIONS now will incur $40 late order fee.

    CHANGES / ADDITIONS needed? - email Mrs. Ladd, AP Coordinator

    PAYMENT DEADLINE = Dec 1st online: AP Exam Online Payment Link for DHS students



    Review this AP Exam Order List (multiple pages)

    ADDITIONS now will incur $40 late order fee.

    CHANGES / ADDITIONS needed? - email Mrs. Ladd, AP Coordinator

    PAYMENT DEADLINE = Dec 1st online: AP Exam Online Payment Link for DHS students



    11/3/20 - Please check your AP Exam Registration here:

    1) UNDECIDED = NO for exam registration

    2) Payment deadline is Dec 1st for Fall Full Year classes and for Fall Semester classes and for any Independent Study Exam registrations. Payment link is listed in previous updates below.

    ** Students taking a course via Cross Entity section must join the DHS Exam Only section in order to take the AP Exam...


    UPDATE 10/21/20

    • By 10/30/20 -- Every student in an AP class is required to JOIN the class section within the student’s College Board account (myap.collegeboard.org). Get the JOIN code from your teacher
    • By 10/30/20 -- EVERY student must indicate within EVERY course in the student account the exam indication for the course – select to Register for the exam (YES) or No, I do not wish to register for the exam (NO)
    • By 12/1/20 – Payment must be made through RevTrak (using credit card or bank routing info). NO payments will be accepted on campus. DHS RevTrak for AP Exam Payment
    • Independent Study Exam requests: Independent Study AP Exam Request Form (Same deadlines apply)
    • Spring Classes – you will join / register for those in January

    CONSIDER THIS: Select YES now to take the AP Exam even if you are unsure. You can cancel / not take the exam without penalty and receive a refund. IF you select NO now and change your mind later to take the exam, then you will pay a $40 late order fee.


    Link to Deadlines/Fees: FBISD AP Info 


    9/22/2020 Update:

    DHS student/parents - please view the DHS AP Registration & Ordering Schoology group for the latest information
    Home School students: 
    • In the spot for ID #, please just put Home "School Student."
    • You wil receive an email in late September or Early October, with the JOIN code and payment info.

     2021 AP Exam Information (7/30/20)


    • All students need ONE College Board account to use for all things College Board (PSAT; SAT; AP; other)
    • This ONE account should not be under the parents' name. Call College Board to get help with ANY student account issues: 877-274-6474
    • Log in to the student College Board account here: College Board Account Login
    • DHS, AP Coordinator: Lezlie.Ladd@fortbendisd.com (Mrs. Ladd's email) and Follow on Twitter: @LLadd_DHS


    2021 AP Exam Schedule