• Clubs & Organizations

  • Club Name Sponsor Co-Sponsor Meeting Days Meeting Frequency Meeting Start Times
    Academic Decathlon J. Richoux E. Cain Friday Weekly 3:00 PM
    Academic Octathlon J. Richoux E. Cain Friday Weekly 3:00 PM  
    AHS Astronomy Club A. Pandey   Thursday Monthly 3:00 PM  
    AHS Recreational Volleyball Club B. Britton   Thursday Bi-Weekly 3:00 PM  
    AHS Speech and Debate H. Stuart D. Johnson Tuesday Weekly 3:00 PM  
    Anime Club A. Saenz   Wednesday Weekly 3:00 PM  
    Art and Writing Guild [inactive]   Friday Monthly 3:00 PM  
    Asian-American Student Association R. Stuart   Tuesday Bi-Weekly 3:00 PM
    Austin Accelerated M. Wilson   Thursday Weekly 3:00 PM  
    Austin Bulldog Book Club K. Pennington   Wednesday Monthly 3:00 PM  
    Austin ECO Club (The National Green Schools Society) H. Najjar   Thursday Monthly After School
    Austin Film Club A. Ibarra   Tuesday Bi-Weekly 2:55 PM
    Austin Key Club L. Liendo   Tuesday Monthly 3:00 PM  
    Austin Miracle Makers K. Pennington   ? ? ?
    Austin's Cancer Awareness  [on hold; no sponsor]   Wednesday Bi-Weekly 3:00 PM  
    AVID elective S. Minter C. Owor Tuesday Monthly 2:50 PM
    Black Student Union (formerly ASA) T. Hill-Kennedy S. Minter Thursday Bi-Weekly 7 AM (the first Thursday of the month) & 3 PM (the third Thursday of the month)
    Chess Club V. Rossman   Tuesday Weekly 3:00 PM  
    Choir L. Holkup   Monday Monthly 2:45 PM
    Coding Club (Computer Science) E. de Melo Gomes Soares   Thursday Weekly 3:00 PM  
    Color Guard Band        
    Crochet Club  E. de Melo Gomes Soares   Tuesday Bi-Weekly 3:00 PM  
    Dawg Squad T. Cox L. Masters Wednesday Weekly 2:45 PM
    DECA P. Dallas-Morris   Thursday Bi-Weekly 3:00 PM  
    Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) L. Dickerson R. Hodson  Wednesday Monthly 6:30 AM
    Financial Literacy and Personal Growth  A. Johnson   Thursday Bi-Weekly 3:00 PM  
    Future Farmers Of America (FFA)  J. LaDay    Monday Monthly 3:00 PM  
    Girls Who Code T. Buffalo   Thursday Bi-Weekly 3:00 PM  
    Habitat for Humanity B. Britton   Friday Monthly 3:00 PM  
    Hindu Student Association P. Patel-Medina   Friday Monthly 3:00 PM  
    HOSA E. Lee T. Hill-Kennedy Tuesday Monthly 7 AM and/or 3 PM
    International Thespian Club/ Theatre Club S. Rutherford   Wednesday Bi-Weekly 3:00 PM  
    JSA (Junior State of America) B. Ezeh   Thursday Bi-Weekly 3:00 PM
    Junior Achievement Company Program S. Lee   Tuesday Monthly 3:00 PM  
    Karisma (Kpop Club) C. Onyejiaka   Wednesday Weekly 3:00 PM
    Mock Trial T. Morvant   Wednesday Bi-Weekly 3:00 PM  
    Model UN M. Evermon        
    Mu Alpha Theta (MAO) T. Nicholson N. Grigassy Monday Monthly 3:00 PM  (for Monday, after school) and 7:00AM (for Tuesday, before school)
    Music Appreciation Club (MAC) A. Peters   Wednesday Bi-Weekly 3:00 PM  
    National Art Honor Society N. Dunlevy   Tuesday Monthly After School
    National English Honor Society R. McDonald   Wednesday Monthly 3:00 PM on Wednesdays (Make-up Meetings are on the Thursday morning after, at 7:00 AM)
    National Honor Society M. Rives N. Grigassy Thursday Monthly 2:55 PM
    National Spanish Honor Society N. Martinez        
    Newspaper S. Moore   Monday Weekly 24/7
    Orchestra A. Victor        
    PALs J. Monk   Monday Weekly 11:15 AM
    Red Cross A. Johnson   Thursday Monthly 3:00 PM & 7 AM
    RHO Kappa (SS Honor Society) C. Szanyi   Thursday Monthly 3:00 PM
    Science National Honor Society L. Wilson   Tuesday Monthly Tuesdays: 3:00 PM & Thursdays: 7:00 PM
    Science Olympiad M. Wilson   Tuesday Weekly After School
    Service for Humanity L. Robinson R. Patel Wednesday Bi-Weekly 3:00 PM  
    SEWA International A. Ibarra   Thursday Monthly 3:00 PM
    Sexuality and Gender Equality (S.A.G.E.) Club H. Harrison   Tuesday Weekly 2:50 PM
    SFA AHS BBQ Club L. Liendo   Wednesday Monthly 3:00 PM
    South Asian Student Association  V. Jordan   Thursday Monthly 3:00 PM  
    Student Council J. Soto T. Cox Monday Bi-Weekly 3:00 PM  
    Student Olympics T. Morvant   Monday Monthly 3:00 PM
    Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society D. Anderson   Wednesday Bi-Weekly 3:00 PM  
    Tri- M Music A. Victor L. Holkup Tuesday Monthly 7:00 AM
    Yearbook S. Moore   Monday Weekly 24 hours a day