Club Title: Austin Computer Organization   (ACO)

    Description of the Club: We are a club focused on advancing our coding skills, having fun with computer science related activities, and participating in coding competitions. Students will learn various programming concepts, investigate coding techniques, and practice for competitions. 

    Targeted Audience of Club: Anyone who has an interest in computer science and wants to strive to improve their coding skills. Experience and prior knowledge is not required.

    When/Where the club meets: Meetings are scheduled for every other Thursday in room N8 at 3:00. Meetings will usually end between 3:30 – 3:45 depending on subject matter discussed. Before competitions, there will be practice sessions scheduled.

    Membership requirements:  Students are expected to attend meetings regularly and are encouraged to participate in coding competitions.  Participation in coding contests will increase a student's chance of being chosen for officer a position and additional coding contests.

    Sponsor's Information:

    William Langston
    (281) 634 – 8412