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  • About Our Dance Department

    The Austin High School dance department is headed by Mysha Baldwin with assistance from Ashlee Williamson. Dance classes and dance teams are offered to all students for either fine arts, P.E., or elective credit. Students can sign up for Principles of Dance I-IV during course selection and there is no audition process. Students interested in being a part of a dance team are required to audition. 

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    About Dance Class

    We offer four levels of dance courses (Principles of Dance I, II, III ,IV) where students explore various styles of dance: world, ballet, modern/contemporary, jazz, lyrical, hip hop, and tap. 

    Benefits of Dance Class

    • It's fun!
    • Gain self-confidence
    • Meet new people
    • Relieve stress
    • Improve coordination
    • Become stronger and more flexible
    • It makes you a better athlete
  • Campus-Level Courses

    Principles of Dance I
    Offered in: 9–12 • Prerequisites: N/A
    Description: Principles of Dance I is an introductory course that provides students with an exploration of the fundamentals of movement. Aerobic fitness dance, recreational dance, and dance forms including ballet, folk/ethnic, jazz, tap, precision, hip hop, lyrical, and modern will challenge the students to employ both fine and gross motor skills. Students receive a brief historical overview of dance. Choreography/dance composition will be covered as well. This course may be taken to fulfill the Fine Arts requirement or the PE requirement, but not both.

    Principles of Dance II
    Offered in: 9–12 • Prerequisites: Dance I or Dance I/PE and teacher recommendation
    Description: Dance II is a continuation of the Dance I course. Students at this level demonstrate higher levels of competency in movement sequences that are increasingly more rhythmically complex and utilize a wider range of motion. Students will evaluate performances and offer thoughtful critiques of movement execution and choreographic content using correct terminology. This course may be taken to fulfill the Fine Arts requirement or the PE requirement, but not both.

    Principles of Dance III and IV
    Offered in: 9–12 • Prerequisites: Mastery of dance skills and teacher recommendation
    Description: Students use advanced skills and techniques through composition and efficiency of dance. Individual and group choreography are stressed. Participants perform in large group formats, select small groups, and solo performances.

    Dance Team I–IV (Angels)
    Offered in: 9–12 • Prerequisites: Selection by audition only
    Description: Dance Team courses are designed for the advanced dance student. Advanced dance technique and creative expression are taught as each relates to performance in large groups, ensembles of various sizes, and individually. Students participate extensively in competitions and performances throughout the year. Students are required to purchase supplies and materials; cost may vary depending on the program and level of study. Dance Team members are required to participate in all practices and performances. Practices begin in August and continue throughout the school year. Students are selected for the Dance Team through a rigorous audition process. 

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  • Teacher Info

    Mysha Baldwin
    Head Dance Director
    Angels Dance Team Director
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    Ashlee Williamson
    Assistant Dance Director
    Angels Dance Team
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  • All course information is as described in the 2020-21 High School Catalog.