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Degrees and Certifications:

Degrees: Master of Library Science, Texas Woman's University Bachelor of Arts in English, University of Houston Certifications: School Librarian (EC-12) English Language Arts and Reading (8-12) English as a Second Language (8-12) Liaisonics [HCDE] Online Professional Development [HCDE]

Mrs. Yvonne F. Shelby

I am the Austin High School Librarian and Campus Website Administrator.

My Journey to the Library

After my father, a library aide at Rice University, took me to Take Our Daughters to Work Day, back when I was 8, I knew I wanted to be a librarian.

I changed my mind, when I was in 10th grade, after realizing I was pretty good at teaching students in my Geometry class. 

I became a substitute teacher at 20 (yes, for high school, which means I was often only a year or two older than some students) and an ESL teacher at 22.

Once I taught ESL, I noticed there were so many other things I wanted to teach students, but didn't have time to, within the curriculum. So I went back for my MLS and became a certified librarian at age 26. 


My Overarching Goal for The AHS Library

In short: Access. I want to provide equitable access to the things students need and want, regardless of their background. 

Some things that fall under this category are: a recording studio, a lounge area to relax (complete with video game consoles), real-world "maker" items such as baking pans, toolkits, a jump-starter for dead parking lot cars, a sewing machine, a Cricut, etc.

Funds are tight, however, so this won't take place overnight. Right now, our focus is on making the library less cramped so that students can more comfortably work in the library and so that the library can be more flexible in use.


Office Hours

7:00 AM - 3:00 PM