• Did You Know...?

    1. In the State of Texas, to be a school librarian, you need to have:
      • Two or more years of teaching experience
      • a Masters of Library Science (or Information Science, or any variation of the two)

    2. Schools without certified librarians score lower on standardized tests. (Article)

    3. See someone shelving books? It's probably the library aide!
      • Library aides free up librarians to do all the "behind the scenes" things you don't know librarians do.
      • Without a library aide, the librarian will have to do all the shelving, customer service portion, etc. Imagine your principal doing everything he does without a secretary. This is a similar situation.

    4. In even the smallest public library, there are typically at least 2 librarians (1 to work on technical services and one to work on public services) as well as a few library aides. A school librarian has to do all of these:
      • Technical Services
        • Evaluating and ordering materials
        • Evaluating needs to use budget in best manner
        • Removing outdated, superceded, or damaged materials
        • Cataloging new materials (to make it easier to search)
        • Curate digital resources (for public use)
        • Design (and order) for flexible spaces to promote both individual and collaborative use
      • Public Services
        • Researching and answering online (and in-person) questions
        • Educating patrons on items such as:
          • research: databases, critical thinking, and identifying fake news
          • technology: from basic skills to digital tools
          • copyright: fair use & violations
        • Provide access to materials
        • Promote literacy and reading
      • School-specific Services
        • Collaborate with teachers to build robust lesson plans
        • Provides professional development for teachers
        • Individual assistance for students, as needed