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Ms. Toni Hill-Kennedy


I am honored to be part of my scholars' academic journey!   As a proud educator, I aim to meet the unique needs of students from diverse backgrounds with multiple interests and learning styles.  I offer opportunities for scholars to apply our studies to real-world issues and events. I believe in providing time for students to reflect on their learning and how it relates to the larger picture of their position as a well-rounded citizen in an ever-changing society.  When I am not at school, I might be working in my garden, hiking or walking on trails with my dog [Wookie], spending time with my family, reading, traveling, or engaging in service projects for people in vulnerable situations (ask me more about this if you are interested).  Read below for course information


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Toni Hill-Kennedy, MBA, Ed.--Proud Instructional Leader--Student Leadership Liaison--African Student Association Sponsor--HOSA Co-Sponsor--Doctoral Student at UHCOE--Social Justice Advocate--Culturally Responsive Educator 

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  • Teacher Schedule

    1st period:   Anatomy & Physiology AHS

    2nd period:  Anatomy & Physiology AHS

    3rd period AHS conference

    4th period KHS conference

    5th period Anatomy & Physiology KHS

    6th Period Anatomy & Physiology KHS

    7th Period Anatomy & Physiology KHS

    AHS Tutorials are:

    Wednesdays 7 AM to 7:25 AM 

    KHS Tutorials are::

    Wednesdays 3 PM to 4 PM

    Virtual Tutorials are available by TEAMS Conference by appointment as well.